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Nobody can put their finger on it, nobody can predict, nobody understands. However, I believe we, the highly developed nations have lost patience, we are not longer hopeful that life will get better in countries like USA, German, England, France, we know something is wrong. We are no longer patient, we are ready to move on to greener pastures.

I am in Melbourne, Australia, and trying to get in touch with my feelings. This morning, I woke up sad, and thought to myself,
“It is over with, our time is over.”

There are no first world countries.

There was a time, when we were equals, when people walked around as equals, where there was no need to think. Today, in this time, in the year 2018, everyone wants to be a minority, this is the ticket to success. All a minority needs to do is shout, and the majority bend over for the soap.

What is going to happen? I would predict the people from the poor countries will enter, populate the rich countries, and in less than 50 years all countries will be the same, it will be the age of the “chaotic poor.” This has been happening now for 10-20 years, the doors are open, the people are entering the rich countries in waves, often in big cities, the long term citizens, the founding fathers children are in hiding, almost impossible to find. This begets the question, where will the poor go in the future after the rich have given them their countries. Don’t blame the poor countries, it is natural to immigrate to better places to live, what is unnatural is for the wealthy to willingly give up a good life.

As for me, what will I do, I am Andy Lee Graham, a person who has traveled the world nomadically for 20 years, and lived in 112 countries? Well, there will always be places where poor, normal, average people live, who have no desire to move away from family and friends, where money is not their defining meaning in life. People migrate for money, it is simple, the more money they make, the happier they believe they will be, I believe they are wrong.

I believe in family, friends, husbands, and wives, where neighbors help their neighbors. Where anybody who want to be special leaves and moves to California, Colorado, etc.

Yet, maybe I am special, I do have a unique life, but only because in me is the town of Orland, Indiana, a small place of 400 people.

There are places on the planet, where everyone moves away from because they are boring, my recommendation is to find them. Maybe, as they say, only boring people, have a boring life. As for me, Andy Lee Graham, I will spend the rest of my life visiting boring places, and avoiding cities like Melbourne.

Sorry Melbourne, you are just the big, and painful city I am visiting today.

The first world will become the third world, no worries, we too can migrate to place not about the money, and about the quality of life.

Andy Lee Graham
Europa Hostel Melbourne, a Slumlord place...
October 17, 2018

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