Where to live Overseas on 500 Dollars per Month

     Hello, please read stories from real people as they explain where you can live or retire on a 500 U.S. dollars a month budget.

Where to live Overseas on 500 Dollars per Month

Real true stories from people who live in paradise locations for 500 Dollars per month in lifestyles that would cost 2000-3000 per month in the USA.

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Required with each submission:

1. Specific City, State, Country.

2. Specfic Hotel, Apartment, or Lodging by name.

3. Cost of the lodging per month.
The lodging shall not cost more than 200 U.S. per month, leaving 300 Dollars per month for other expenses.


I live in Santiago, Dominican Republic.
Rent: $210 us for a furnished 1 bedroom apartment in a good area. Includes electric, water and cable. I pay an additional $15 for internet. $12 for a cell phone plan with 75 minutes

Transportation: No Taxi's for me. I travel like most local. Squeezed between 6 other people. I take publicos, cars that have 4 people in the back seat and 3 people in the front. Cost 20 pesos (50 cents). Easy and fast when you learn the routes.

Food: There is a restaurant across the street that sells plater of the day. For 85 pesos ($2.50) I get rice, beans, salad and a meat. That is my main meal of the day.


I live as a work exchanger at PachaMama in Costa Rica for under $500 a month. The work is really chill and the environment and community is amazing here. I highly recommend it. You can be here as a guest, work exchanger or resident if you decide to buy and build a house. Life is good :)


What is a work exchanger?


according to web it is working a few hours a day so you can earn free room and board.

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