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Do you want to visit crazy countries outside the USA, the places nobody else goes to?Volunteering provides a good means for Americans.

Long Term Travel Requires Humility Humbleness and Humanity

Volunteer by being the same not by being different, prove how we are the same, and all of us can change the planet.

To Hell With Good Intentions by Ivan Illich

This speech by Ivan Illich should be read by every person who wishes to volunteer overseas, this will temper your good intentions and create good works.


Volunteer Blog - This area is to assist travelers and tourist and explain how to volunteer overseas or abroad, and what you are planning to do.

Volunteer Abroad to Speak English With Students

The American educational system has failed you. We believe it necessary to be computer experts to succeed, while the world needs normal people.

Read this before you go further along your well intentioned path: To Hell with Good Intentions by Ivan Illich

There is a world of harm done by good intentions, I am a world Traveler, my name is Andy Graham, and I have traveled perpetually for over 12 years. Because of the harm done to nations by good intentions, I am reluctant to help people to volunteer.

However, to help, I am going to create a list of ways to volunteer that does not harm people of the planet.

1. Red Cross
2. Doctors without Borders
3. Peace Corps
4. Giving amputated people man made legs, arms etc.

Self-Created Volunteer:
1. Give blankets to people sleeping under bridges.
--- Volunteer Idea
2. Writing nasty letters to countries and telling them to take care of their crazies.

Normally Harmful
1. Missionaries
2. Any pay to volunteer positions

    Donations: Please take great care with donations, they are good for disaster relief, but horrible when given to other countries in the normal course of life. A donation that gives money to an Africa country for example, enables a country to not do their proper duty and job, thus elongating the time the major problem exist.

Give a donation, create a slave for life. Read this: Enslaved by Love

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