Using Wikipedia to Learn the Word Sawmill for Teak Investment



This is not a video about the type of machines used to cut logs into wood planks. At the end of the video, I said that Antoine told me they used chain saws. Everything is gossip a this point in my research, and the point of the video that I need to create ways to communicate with people that is optimized for effectiveness. The local language is Ewe. This is a video about how to communicate, not the actual way they cut logs. There is nothing real in this video about how they cut logs ,and the danger for for all entrepreneurs is they listen, without seeing. Only what I can see do I believe, which is what makes this project so much fun. The world is a fun place, most NGO information is just people drawing conclusions, making decisions that they say are facts, and do not even observe. To rely on words in this modern world is silly, a photo tells a million words, and a video tells a billion. But people really do not want to find the truth, they just like to talk as if they know, life is about what we see, not what we read or hear.

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