Melody Wants Clarification on Why I Said Lago Atitlan Will be Ruined in 5 Years?



You comments are from a person that knows what the future will be in certain areas..all too well...Reminds me dearly of Old Patong in 79, a place with only 6 bungalows spread over a 5 kilometers of perfect white sand beach on a horseshoe bay, no electricity, just generators no paved roads all were dirt, no go go bars, only two working girls on the entire beach, travelers and expats brought a few down with them on RandR's from MidEast Oil fields, life was 100 baht per day for room, a shirt maybe, 3 decent meals and one large Singha...since I was never much of boozer, it'd often bout put me to sleep in the hot humidity, but there's always a breeze by the,its more Pattaya than Pattaya...everything changes, we saw the change was too strong for us to stay, but that was after a short decade on the goes on, there are other places, your thoughts of "don't need AC/heater" makes since, no much humidity=less bugs


I'm going to go to the website and check under paradise climates as Andy suggested. I think he's done research and commented on 9 places that are "paradise" places to live . I was happy to hear that not all the villages on the lake will be going "western" as quickly. Perhaps I'll have a chance to experience the true beauty before I die! Fingers crossed.

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