Travel Video Making

The link to Andy Graham of Travel Videos

How The Best Travel Tips Videos Are Made

99 percent of Travel Videos are commercials, this article talk about how to know which videos to trust, and and how to download?

How to Make a Camera Tripod for 4 Dollars Travel Tip

Travel Videos are easy to make when you use a camera tri-pod, however carrying around a camera tripod is almost impossible for a world traveler.

How to Prepare to Make a Travel Video

Travel Video making, how to prepare to make a travel video, a list of ideas to consider.

How to Record Video Secretly Videography Tip

Here is a video showing how I point the camera at myself, then zoom in on the people behind me, a GREAT tip. Real Culture not altered by camera.

I Predict Videos Will Replace 99 Percent of Travel Articles as Reading Becomes Obsolete

I believe reading will become almost obsolete in the next 10-30 years, because people find watching and listening more enjoyable.

List of Things to Use Inside a Hotel Room for a Tripod to Make Travel Videos

I do not want to carry a tripod in my backpack, here are examples of ways I set up a camera inside my room to make travel videos.

Steve Jobs, Please Steal This Video

Making travel videos is an art, and choosing the correct players can guaranteed success.

The Seven Deadly Sins Of Video Camerawork

A list of things the camera person should not do when recording a video to help you learn how to make good travel videos.

Travel Video Making

Travel Videos Blog - How to make a travel video, programs, methods and hints and tips on how to use to drive traffic to your site.

Why ar What Makes a Travel Video Go Viral

Why or What Makes a Travel Video Go Viral - Travel Videos

Making travel videos is more difficult, as a traveler you are not able to easily carry large amounts of photography equipment.

How to make a Video fast?

What type of Travel Videos do people like?
- Number 1 - Food videos
- Number 2 - Introviews with people who live abroad.
- Number 3 - Girls
- Number 4 - Strange idiosynchrosies of country. 
- Number 5 - How to live rich travel tips
- Number 6 - How to save money
- Number 7 - Tourist attractions 

Common Mistakes for Travel Videos

1. The person does not tell the location, city, state, country etc.

2. The person does not introduce self, and define the subject.

Tools for Video Program:

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