Parnu Estonia from Rapla


I left Rapla, Estonia or more correctly I left the Hotel in Rapla and went to the Bus stop in Rapla at 7:30 am, it then took me to 12:10 pm to get to Parnu, my plan was to go to Riga, Latvia. No bus, nobody that spoke English and just plain difficult, I am going to write the names of cities down like I do in Arabic or Asian countries, these people do not speak English a lick.

I finally have an internet connection that is full service, Estonia has to be one of the worst place I have seen for internet cafes, they just do not have many, Germany had a bunch, however they had too many firewalls, spam, and other types of stops. I have tested the computer here and I have full access... I hope when I return I do too.

NOTE... Hehehe... go figure, my Hostel or the Louna Hostel here in Parnu has wireless, of course just like the Lette'm Sleep in Berlin it does not work, this internet stuff is maze. In Asia or South, Central America I just need to walk another 50 meters and enter an internet cafe and see if the next one works. Here I have had at most three places to try, and in Germany the only one that worked is the one owned by the Turkish people... go figure, the more modern the worst. Trust me though the USA is worst for travelers wanting to find an internet cafe, the more modern the country the less available to the public.

I have some photos and will put them up soon.