French Pronunciation Guide, all the letters of alphabet, consonants, vowels etc.

Life sometimes becomes so selfish that it wants everything and while trying for everything, we miss something that is worth everything

Debt Stops Happiness - Owing a person or company created dissonance, how can we be happy when out of harmony.

The Official U S Time Clock, often the time of world is calculated from your computer time, this link bypasses this problem and shows the real time.

Link Building - Page rank is highly related to the number of links titled and pointed correctly at specific URL or Page, this can be white or black hat.

Whatever You Give A Woman She Will Make Greater, sent me from Candy Lady in Alaska

Using and Verizon: The big question, does the 69.95 unlimited international data plan allow you to use the system?

Bill Maher Video On French Dissing explaining that everything French is not bad, and maybe conservatives use as a way to keep people quiet.

How fast is LTE, 3G, Edge, etc, this is a list of explaining from slowest to fastest which is best for a USB Wireless Modem Internet.connections.

I have listed 396 types of Beaches on the planet, this number is growing, this list is a from a Beach Pro.

Mobile Office Gear - List of Gear carried by a person who lives anywhere, and can work anywhere, then all the other type of Mobile Gear.

Travelers can benefit by using an External Laptop Computer Battery Charger, one that will charge and extra battery outside the computer.

Here is a list of Portable Applications USB Software that will help you manage your Mobile Office, you can carry your favorite utilities on a USB stick.