It is easy with a little practice to take good videos of outdoors food markets without having all the people holler at you to stop recording.

Video of a man thumping a box as he walks down the street in Koforidua, Ghana.

Subscribe to Scientific American and receiving e-mail updates is a great way for travelers to stay current.

Buying the large economy toothpaste is a mistake for travelers and tourist, a small one is less likely to break in your bag and last a long time.

Many Travel Bloggers have trouble thinking what to write about, instead take a lot of photos and write about them, this is easier.

You can force your shower towel to dry faster by using clothes pins to hang on the shower rod.

Outside the expensive countries you can purchase universal chargers for a little as three dollars that will charge any cell phone battery.

Here is my collected list of reasons why the electricity goes off while living in a hotel, this includes blackouts and brownouts.

The 2010 Cote d'Ivoire Election has increased the danger of travel to Liberia, there is a risk of being involved in civil war.

Choosing the proper Hotel or Apartment room is essential to establishing a good Mobile Office that allows the USB Modem for Internet to work.

Photos examples of how companies will paint building in exchange for advertising.

For the Mobile Office user, here is the 0 Best Free Apps For Travelers With Smartphone, whether a BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, these are good.

Ideas for Travelers on how to have proper curtains in Hotel rooms, or how to manage them using clothes pins and safety pins.

An example of how I zoomed in on the face of Ghana women using a graphics program by the name of and create a more powerful photo.

A world traveler needs to either carry a dipper, or at least understand how they work.

I have tried every optimization of the 3G signal of Zain or MTN here in Ghana, and I still cannot use skype to call a landline.

Carrying a Water Pitcher Is A Convenience For Trave, you can buy larger bottle of water than use the small pitchers for convenience.l

Cross flow ventilation of a Hotel Room will make it fresh and dryer.

A photo explaining how why Fitted Sheets are needed In Hotel Rooms.

What are the components of a good mobile household room? A list of items, such as soap, towel, hot water and other benefits.