Talking about my perpetual travels around the planet is a great way to lose friends.

The world has becoming baffling complex, my Mother here in the USA is savvy and knows how to use common sense, she does not just agree to pay money.

USA webmasters abroad must be savvy and prove or verify his site is a USA web site in many ways, and do your best to not digitally prove outside USA.

This is a great travel movie, a painter in Paris living by wit, as a foreigner he finds it easy to talk with children, and a rich women buys hi paintings.

OK, you an American traveling the planet? How can you let your friends continuously know where you are at, members now can with a map.

United States Citizens who are Travel Writers or Travel Bloggers can lose tons of money by accessing the wrong accounts while living abroad.

Aaron Wall say Google Whores Out Users With False Privacy Claims / Michael Gray says Google is inches away from crawling completely up your ass.

I walk at least 10-15 miles per day, and I my body in the last 13-14 year of travel is atrophied, 10 more years and I would not be able to walk.

Human density is an extremely important variable in determining whether you will enjoy a country when traveling the planet.

Family is number one priority for a Graham - Therefore talking my Mother and Father into using is huge victory for a World Traveler.

I purchased a Kindle Keyboard 3G to help me bridge through the first 3-7 days in country when I am still not sure how to access local Internet abroad.

I think people repress or ignore reality, however, in the state of Indiana and the probably 25 of the 50 state a jacket is needed 7 months per year.

What motivates a person to live and work in China, and why will a person work in a place they would not choose to live. I need to visit China again...

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got, and you'll always feel what you always felt

90 percent of people retiring abroad sabotage their happiness by thinking about money and not about quality of life.

There is no reason to work hard or budget, I do not own a car, I do not own anything that owns me, I own myself today.

The problem with the USA is temptation, the food is cheap, but temptation to buy expensive food is so prevalent, it is hard to avoid.

I am waiting for a Taca air flight from Guatemala City to Chicago in a 10 USD Hostal Los Faroles 1 minute from the Guatemala Airport.

A savvy traveler must know their limitations, but how does one know when they are not using common sense?

On January 1, 2012 completed 12 years as travel site, on March 1, Andy Graham will have traveled perpetually for 14 years.