It is impossible to avoid people thinking about buying things, but when you scramble the languages, if we live abroad it does slow the talk.

Thanksgiving is a USA Holiday, and truly difficult to enjoy overseas, but communication is making it difficult to ignore.

I enjoy working, providing it is fun, never annoying and time flies by fast and I have nobody making problems for me.

Photo of old train engines from Montellano, Dominican Republic, a small village between Sosua and Puerta Plata.

Noisy fans suck, often the problem is so easy to fix it is insane the hotel does not do it!

Real Travelers may relate to this, I am not sure, but we do drift away and take a separate path, the more we travel the less we fit in at home.

I have started to doing research, I want to know which Expat location on the planet has the most deaths per year, I am sure Dominican Republic is high.

Travel and Vacation in India, Goa is one of the favorite tourist spot in India. This is a first priority of every tourist.

I never wanted to be the nerd, however, I enjoy working with mathematical probabilities, therefore maybe I am a happy nerd when enjoying math.

This has baffled me for years, it just not common sense or logical to buy Real Estate overseas.

The Real Estate, Hotels, and Rentals is bad in Sosua, Dominican Republic, worst than the USA in many ways, but they raise prices and doom themselves.

I need volunteers to work with me to write articles to be published in the travel Blog system, a.k.a. Guest Writers.

The decision on where to retire abroad should or could be greatly influenced how to make phone calls to the USA from different time zones.

Let us assume that humans are 99 percent emotional, and 1 percent rationale, then a one percent increase is a 100 percent gain.

I am in a moral conundrum, I want people to go live abroad, but do not want them to buy real estate, but how do I stop them, and are they responsible.

People must lose weight fast, fat people have trouble emotionally handling doing it slow, the 25 Gram per day diet is quick loss system.

Interesting survey done by HSBC bank, interesting insights, but I would not say it means much.

Travelers Diarrhea is experienced when eating, drinking from a location with different bacteria and foods, further than 200-500 miles from home.

Wanted Travel Writers who drink to excess, crazy, nuts, and obsessively searching for the real story behind the story, to write an authentic moment.