One of the more sexy videos about Sosua, Dominican Republic in a rare showing.

Travel Tip on how to know what time it is for the person you want to call: how to be sure to call the person at the correct time zone?

Video of Andy Graham talking about packing and moving to Montellano and what is a "Travelers Tell." - Where Is Andy Graham?

Travelers Tell Defined in Travel Dictionary.

Video of Haitian Girls Dancing Kompa and Kids Playing Stickball Montellano Dominican Republic - Videos Sosua Dominican Republic

Video of cheese sold in street of Sosua, Dominican Republic - Recipes And Food Sosua Dominican Republic, by Andy Graham of

Open Fishing in Sosua Dominican Republic with The Tempestad Boat - Tours Sosua Dominican Republic.

Andy Graham of talking from Sosua, Dominican, Republic about Fishing, USB Modem, Montellano and how to ask questions.

Henry David Thoreau, one of my appointed mentors told me to simplify my life, however, I am surrounded by temptations, how do I avoid them?

I hope to broadcast a live web cam from a 32 foot fishing boat in Sosua Bay at 7:30 AM to 1:00 PM Sosua, Dominican Republic time Sat January 28, 2012.

Video with Ana explaining the Michelle Restaurant / Bar that is on the ocean in Charamicos, Dominican Republic on the other side of Sosua Beach.

Video of January 26, 2012 parade in the village of Montellano, Dominican Republic with flags from High Schools - Montellano Dominican Republic.

List of "Extreme Adventure Travel" destinations visited by Andy Lee Graham as Blogger of

This is my answer to a Belgium student who wrote me Andy Graham a question wanting to learn about bad ecotourism practice in Kenya or South Africa. is screaming bloody murder, because their tricky marketing plans have been squashed by the government.

Where Is Andy Graham? 0 January 25 2012 Andy Lee Graham is moving to Puerta Plata or maybe Montellano, Dominican Republic.

Want to know how to dry a shirt or dress in less than two hours without a dryer, this video shows how to use a fan to do this with a fan.

Do you want to know what an almond looks like on the tree, this video will show you. Food

More Expats than citizens --- Only 1 in 5 people in Dubai was born in Dubai 80 percent are expats or foreigners.

There was a small earthquake felt in Sosua, and I ran for the door. Andy Lee Graham of

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