To live abroad is easy for the person who hoards money, is it possible for the average human to stop hoarding possessions and save money?

I stopped drinking alcohol 25 years ago, I have not drank or done drugs for 25 year, I am a grateful recovering alcoholic today.

There was a fire in Montellano on February 10, 2012 and the local people came from their houses at about 10:10 PM and doused the fire.

List of fuels for a cooking stove that can be used inside a Hotel room. This is information for backpacker who want to cook in their room.

This is about the same as a live television broadcast, we want to turn on the camera and show you live what is happening here in the Dominican Republic.

African-Cuban seasoned pig roast in La Mulatta , Dominican Republic I came accross this guy roasting a pig while riding my moto thru La Mulatta, DR.

Where Is Andy Graham? I am on the roof of my Hotel in Montellano, Dominican Republic making a video.

Domiinican Republic, I walked down the river and talked, after eating Arespitas de Maiz at the small food stand of my friend Fior in the morning.

Video showing Fior making me some fried corn bread, called Arepitas de Maiz - Recipes and Food Sosua Dominican Republic.

You are given a 3 GIG upload, download allotment with your USB wireless modem for Internet access, how do you monitor your usage?

The list of Web Cams we considered to buy to use for a project where we would put a a battery operated live web cam at travel destinations.

Do yo know the difference between elevation and altitude, they are not the same?

Andy Graham of talking from the Montellano, Dominican Republic Central Park on January 5, 2012 a travelogue report.

Can you make money writing a travel Blog? Here are my ideas, here are my thoughts, not in any very organized way, but here they are...

Travel Blog post, I am making coffee with my alcohol cooker, or stove in my Hotel room in Montellano, Dom Republic.

Video Travel Blog about Mosquito Nets and Electricty stopping students from studying in Dominican Republic: Where Is Andy Lee Graham?

Video travel Blog, explaining how I met many new Dominican Republic friends in Montellano, and this is valuable to me.

Lingua Franca, often called the language of business, for example English is used in British colonies as the lingua franca.

Video explaining how to use to find the closest airport to your travel destination, when none is in that city?

The 2012 top 25 countries to invest in worldwide: a list of the top 25 countries that showed real growth in 2011.


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