Culture shock is real, I read this interesting ramble about culture shock, it was intriguing to me.

Living abroad is not the answer for everyone, that is why I recommend you say, I am going to go hang out for a few years abroad and not fool yourself.

It is a sad day here in Hoboville, I have finally deemed "Google Search" as worthless to our site, it neither searches correct, and does not earn mo

The Dominican Republic may have the worst electricity on the planet, but the best battery back up also on the planet.

Drinking water is a major expense for travelers and tourist, this video shows how I buy a five gallon bottle of water for one U.S. Dollar.

How Long to Hold Stretch? Is 30 seconds good, or would it be better to hold for 15 minutes until the muscle fatigues?

The First Spanish Settlement in The Americas was La Isabela In Northern Hispaniola By Christopher Columbus - Tourist Attractions Sosua Dominican Republic

Video Example: The one goal of Real Estate is to enjoy the property, even if you got 100 percent screwed, you can enjoy, unless your neighbper is noisy.

I left the USA 14 years ago, I want to return but I refuse to walk back into the same American rut for this USA road trip.

Andy Graham in Video of Luperon Central Park - Luperon Dominican Republic

Video of Andy Graham on the end of the dock in Luperon, Dominican Republic and him explaining about the area.

I am in the Dominican Republic, where the laundry cost more than anywhere I have been on Planet Earth.

Fuel Cost Calculator - Transportation

I can live on 500 USD per month, because I have the ability to change an electrical plug.

This is a brainstorming page, I am trying to collect all the best ideas on how to buy a vehicle quickly for a USA road trip.

Andy is saying today, you need to simpliify your life.

Zacarias Ferreira sings in the Dominican Republic - Music by Country

There are people who cook food, and there are people who do not... why?

Here is a list of problems to solve if I flew by airplane to the USA, got off the plane and tried to buy a van or motorhome for USA road trip.

Where is Andy Graham? I am on my way to Puerto Plata to live for a few day, it is March 4, 2012.

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