I am immersed in the history of Fort Wayne, Indiana because the LaSalle Bed and Breakfast rents rooms in the old Sion Bass Family Home.

Video of my room, entrance, commmon area and bed in the historical LaSalle Bed and Breakfast in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

What is the best temperature for RV, Camper, SUV, Van, or Motor Home travelers for living?

I paid 425 U.S. dollars for a one-way plane ticket to the USA, it is nice be in the United States of America.

I Am In Fort Wayne Indiana March 2012 - Where Is Andy Graham

A person only needs 2 liters of water to bath, here is a video proving it.

The world is often ugly, for only one reason, the steel roof.

Travel Tip video explaining how a simple square knot allows you to know if they opened your bag.

I will fly to Fort Wayne, Indiana in April of 2012, I have traveled the world for 14 years, 90 countries. I average less than 300 USD per month for room.

Cultural Immersion is easier with other cultures when you learn how to treat the least, the most, or all people the same.

This page is where I am going to collect different retirement visa strategies, how to retire abroad and die with no problems, exit strategies.

The pros, cons, reasons, and explanations on why I got robbed in the Dominican Republic on March 21, 2012 in Luperon, a Hurricane Hole for Sailboats.

I have said many times, the Dominican Republic is the most dangerous country I have ever visited of my 90 countries, yesterday the words proved true.

I am a perpetual travel, 14 years and 90 countries later, because my budget variables change daily, I super learn how to budget.

There is no reason to take a shower using a bag hanging from a tree, it is the worst idea possible.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia celebrated 125 years. ADDIS ABABA which in Amharic means NEW FLOWER, The city became the national capital in 1889.

Culture shock is real, I read this interesting ramble about culture shock, it was intriguing to me.

Living abroad is not the answer for everyone, that is why I recommend you say, I am going to go hang out for a few years abroad and not fool yourself.

It is a sad day here in Hoboville, I have finally deemed "Google Search" as worthless to our site, it neither searches correct, and does not earn mo

The Dominican Republic may have the worst electricity on the planet, but the best battery back up also on the planet.

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