Stopped into Nashville, Indiana for an hour, it is close to Brown County State Park in southern Indiana.

I am on a trip around the USA, I am just starting, and budgeting and prioritizing uses too much bandwidth in my brain.

Video Blog of Road Trip of USA by Andy Lee Graham visited Bloomington, Indiana where I attended University from 75-80.

Road Trip USA 2012: I Andy Lee Graham stopped in Berne, Indiana to take a tour of the Hitzer Stove company, they make coal stove, and water pumps.

Video of Decatur, Courthouse this is day 2 of my Road Trip around the USA, I am Andy Lee Graham and on May, 8, 2012 I slept in the Walmart parking lot.

The USA provides many free benefits when you enter a restaurant or store, but is a bad value in hotels.

I am driving around the USA for 3-6 months, I have decided to take a few factory tours, and will do in many states.

Video: May 5, 2012, I used my jumper cables for the fist time on this USA road trip.

Glare from sunlight or room lighting causes many problems seeing a computer screen, it is especially bad outdoors.

My eyes are hurting from the strain of looking a my HP Pavilion laptop with glare from the lights in library or sun.

Day One of USA road trip: I spent the first night in the Walmart Super Center in Kendalville, Indiana and a shopping cart hit the back of my van.

MiFi is a compact wireless router that act as mobile Wi-Fi hotspots that provides internet access to any WiFi enabled device.

Video of my Chevy Astro with advertising on side done by - Road Trip USA

Loneliness is probably the number one cause of unhappiness, and the solution is marriage.

A list of Gyms and Health Clubs you can visit for free, if you join one in the USA and few internationally.

Video explaing how to stop things from sliding or moving in van.

The TomTom GPS require, I mean is 100 necessary you have a computer and Internet access and above average understanding of computers.

Aleve or Naproxen Sodium has given me relief from Sciatica pain now for two weeks, it feel like a miracle.

I will leave from Fort Wayne, Indiana on my 2012 Road Trip USA, I have from May 10 to June 18 to make Keystone, Colorado.

Are you the envious, the jealous or the arrogant?

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