Top Travel Songs of all time -- I have added "Mexico: by James Taylor - Songs of Travel

Organized people keep life simple, and have plenty free time and money to go on vacation.

The USA Military understand travel pants, and the problems with elastic in the waist.

Road Trip USA --- I think this city or town called Idaho Springs, Colorado has merit, I can feel it.

Road Trip USA, I have landed in McDonald's in LIttleton, Colorado, there are seven locals sitting around talking about the world. (Now 8)

I enter Colorado on highway 6 just as the sun came up, and thought about my friend Jeff K. a.k.a. the Chetster and Spring Break to Florida.

I am on USA Road Trip, this is the travelogue about me driving the Maggie Van II between the two cities.

Video of interview with Mike Livingston in Pontiac, Illinois and he explained how he Hitchhiked around the USA for 14 years.

What speed should you drive for maximum fuel efficiency?

Near Remington, Indiana there is the Benton County Wind Farm, you can see as you drive down 24, and here is a map.

If your leave a parking lot too fast, you may turn the wrong direction using a GPS.

I took a video or Lovers' Lane in Peru, Indiana while visiting Peru on my USA Road Trip.

The Wabash River in Indiana goes near the cities of Huntington, Wabash, and Peru, Indiana. That is as far as I have gone so far on this USA Road Trip.

Moving from place to place makes earning money to live horrendously difficult.

There is a song from 1970, called "Indiana Wants Me," this is a nostalgic moment for me, I ready to leave Indiana, going to Illinois on Road Trip of

I have MANY questions... can someone help me?

If you want to send a link to someone, if you want to put a link in the comments of or Facebook, this will help.

Everyone insinuates that world travel is dangerous, and that I am nuts, it is hard to decide if I am crazy, or the American people.

Well, it isnt America. No union, no workmans comp., no OCEA, no tools-just a days work for an hours pay. I do admire the Nepali worker.

A traveler needs to remove shoes to enter buildings in Asia I remove my shoes when on a long airplane flight. How to wear normal walking shoes?

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