How to keep the brain working? People older than 40 years old are slowly growing senile, the human brain is slowly going to stop working properly.

Adventure Test, are you up for real adventure, do you have the mental, emotional and physical ability needed, here are some questions to test yourself.

We request you join 5 city groups, a short list of places you want to visit or live. By joining you tell other members you want to know them.

How to edit your profile on the Hobo Travel Community, the 100 best cities to hang out in on planet earth.

There is freedom from the Doctor Tax on Lago Atitlan: Pharmacies on Lago Atitlan in Guatemala can sell you about anything you need or want.

Restaurants Lago Atitlan Guatemala

I wanted the phone to stop ringing, but now I realize the never ending from an Internet business is worst.

How to find a Dentists on Lago Atitlan, in the country of Guatemala? Panajachel, Solola, San Pedro or Santiago, etc.?

Here is a video explaining how to say hello to any culture on the planet in way that is not offensive.

Where Is Andy Lee Graham of, I am now in Panajachel, Guatemala, I came to finish my book.

Video of Guatemala Boy Blowing Bubbles

You can have one telephone number, and it will forward to anywhere on the planet with

What happens to a person who travels the world too long?

Bushcraft - Travel Term defined

Travel Videos are easy to make when you use a camera tri-pod, however carrying around a camera tripod is almost impossible for a world traveler.

There is a paradox, those who are truly greedy often give freely to people who are not greedy, granting them the new good life.

I have questioned why people refuse to travel the planet, the problem is simple it is our genetically programmed need for DHV. (Don's you hate acronyms?)

Top Travel Songs of all time -- I have added "Mexico: by James Taylor - Songs of Travel

Organized people keep life simple, and have plenty free time and money to go on vacation.

The USA Military understand travel pants, and the problems with elastic in the waist.

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