The Bloomsbury Group was an enormously influential group of associated English writers, intellectuals, philosophers and artists in England.

I am thinking too much about my Ivory Coast girlfriend, I have traveled too far away from her.

Retirement on Lago Atitlan Guatemala, meet up with Andy Lee Graham,he is on Lake Atitlan until October 20, 2012, learn to retire abroad from an expert.

Dangers in life, but this one is small, about the same as getting hit by lightning.

The definition of an "Economic Refugee" is a nice way of saying Hobo, a Hobo traveled to another location in search of work.

The languages spoken by the locals of Lago Atitlan Guatemala, in addition to Spanish their second language, their language of school and business.

Videos explaining Hotel Shower and Toilet in a Hotel abroad.

I am looking for, and have found a couple of Editors Polishers, and a few proofreaders on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

I have given up on e-mails, they are too dysfunctional, this truly is the generation we are entering.

E-mail sucks, chatting is no good, and talking on the telephone is horrible, but sending a screen shot with graphic changes is best.

Free Sciatica Consultation, by Andy Graham founder of this site.

You think you are smart? You are not that smart --- Big Brother can track you cell phone, photos, Facebook, etc.

Lost Generation is a time period coined by Hemingway right after WW I.

Capture telephone numbers for good business practice, the one with the most s wins.

Video explaining how Andy Lee Graham the Digital Nomad Traveler keeps coffee, beer, and soft drinks etc. away from his computer keyboard.

Happiness is a balance between play and work, but the pursuit of happiness is my goal in life.

We are vetting members for Pro Traveler memberships now.

I am on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, and the long USB cord would not work, low current is a problem for Digital Nomad Travelers.

Own a Web Site for 350 Dollars per year, cost of paying for domain, about 12-15 on

Traveling the planet as a Digital Nomad Traveler is tough, often Hotel rooms have poor lighting, here is a travel tip to solve that problem for USB cords.

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