The world like to make rules, and I enjoy avoiding them, I just say no to American Bureaucracy.

A friend asked me to officiate his marriage ceremony in Austin, Texas on October 21, 2012, therefore today, October 14th, I became an ordained Minister.

Why I started to say, "Life is Good?" Andy Graham

This e was discovered as the thought of the day on, October 12, 2012, attributed to Benjamin Franklin, but maybe said by Owen Feltham.

The Lonely Planet Guidebook has an Internet forum called Thorntree, it can be helpful if you can ignore the regulars who hang or lurk there.

Close your eyes tight, then open them, is everything the same, or did the world change while you eyes were closed?

Where Is Andy Graham? I am leaving Guatemala and entering to the USA, this will outline my future travel plans.

Video of white gold being made by Reinhard Zoels a Jeweler living on Lago Atitlan in Guatemala - Melting the gold.

How to get a Visas for Guatemala on Lago Atitlan, and how to renew a visa when living in Guatemala.

How to monitor American Airlines in the event there is work strike? Around the world airfare solutions.

Casa Cakchiquel Panajachel Lago Atitlan Guatemala - Tourist Attractions Lago Atitlan Guatemala

There is cross marking where someone died in San Pedro - Roadside Memorial Of Accident Death - Dying Lago Atitlan Guatemala

Guatemala poverty, and NGO's, ONG's in Guatemala.

Example of a fence made from live trees - Ecological Fencing For Farming.

Land For Sale San Pedro La Laguna Guatemala - Real Estate Lago Atitlan Guatemala - See Map below of location of Real Estate.

There is a Barbecue on Saturday in Panajachel, and Sunday in San Pedro La Laguna on Lago Atitlan in Guatemala.

After 14 years of travel, I have radically changed my packing method, it is strange.

The Tourist Trap mentality is taking over the world - Tourist Traps

Then number of Hollywoods films that are remakes, sequels, and adaptation of existing stories is growing, and creativity is lacking.

The is a book called "The First 20 Minutes" by Gretchen Reynolds who explains the first 20 minutes of exercise is valuable.

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