It is hard to be in love, when you spend too much money.

I am going to Mopodji, Cote d'Ivoire, a city that is not on Google maps, unless I add it.

Ghana English is different than American or British English, it has it only special style.

2012 Entered December 3 Ivory Coast Left Malaysia - Where Is Andy Graham?

I found a way to monitor the new movies of the year.

When you plan your trip, try your best to avoid all crying babies.

It is said, that only 2 percent of people can multitask, the rest of us are doomed to live under the illusion we can multi-task.

Learning requires we know there are both sides, the good and the bad of a situation, a wise student know to also look for the bad.

This is the Travel Agent I have used for years - Interview with Jeroen My Travel Agent In Thailand - Jeroen A Bartstra

Learn a simple phrase that allows you to learn Thai, and if you learn Thai you can talk make with a fascinating culture.

This is a list of software used by Andy Graham of, he is a both a Travel Blogger and owner / manager of two large sites.

TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a global set of conferences formed to disseminate "ideas worth spreading."

This is an explanation on why some readers get banned from making comments on the Blog.

My Sciatica has been in remission now for 5-6 months, I believe it is because of three lifestyle changes to stopped the pain.

This map shows that President Obama may have forgotten he is black, maybe he needs to remember.

I would not leave home without a reading light, the Hotels on planet earth do not supply proper lighting in room for reading.

I placed a piece of sweet sugary cookie in my toilet, and allowed the ants to come eat. - Insects Bug Rodents

The Thailand Buddhist Monks have both a beautiful and ugly tradition of collecting gifts, maybe called alms in each morning from followers.

I go to Ivory Coast for Christmas 2012, please President Alassane Ouattara allow Ivory Coast to have a government. (Cote dIvoire)

The Buddhist Monks in the Rakhine State of Burma seem to have had enough of the Islamics and NGO's, they are fighting back.

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