Travel Websites news about that seems to semi-closed on April 2010.

2012- Who can game the system best is the new business model of 2012, the person who can finagle a way to trick, cheat, or lie wins.

I no longer can stomach tourism, it causes an uneasy feeling, I want to hangout, talk, enjoy the day, I do not need the endless new trends in my day.

The song "Jet Airliner" by the Steve Miller Band as added to my collection of best Songs Of Travel November 5, 2012.

Transportation from Bangkok Thailand to Koh Phangan Beach, close to Koh Tao and Koh Samui, the cost is 700 Baht.

Voltage Drop - Do Not Overload Electrical Circuit Digital Nomad Travel Tip.

Videw showing how, where, and how much I paid for an AIS Aircard bought near Khaosan Road Bangkok Thailand.

Beach Trips From Bangkok Thailand - This is a video of the room I am in at the Black and White Hotel on Sunset Beach near Had Rin, Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Thailand from the point of a view of a Digital Nomad Traveler- I am Andy Graham a person who runs and manages an Internet business from the road.

A digital nomad traveler needs to have his or her laptop computer cleaned, or the computer will overheat, you do not need to buy a new computer.

This is a video explaining Pantip or Panthip Plaza a Computer Mall in Bangkok Thailand.

You can avoid paying 25-30 USD luggage fees in the USA by NOT checking your bags, then forcing them to check them at the gate.

Fish Spa Khaosan Road - Alternative Health Bangkok Thailand

Critical Thinking leads me to believe that humans need anger, all humans need to destroy their competition to survive.

Video explaining how to set up a prepaid cell phone in Thailand.

Maps of the city of Bangkok Thailand, Khaosan Road - Sukhumvit - Bangkok, Thailand maps. Note, the locals call the city Krung Thep not Bangkok.

The Introspective Life...

I stopped into Austin, Texas on October 18, 2012 to attend a wedding.

To be organized require you understand people, they will not take no for an answer.

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