There is an over-abundance of plastic bags on planet earth, just say no the next time the store tries to put purchased items in a plastic bag.

This video show how a private path to the room is a benefit to the residents in a Hotel, it helps avoid theft.

Earning Money for Perpetual Travel is easier when you do not have stage fright.

Lose Weight Fast - I a positive this diet works, because it is easy to monitor.

There is nothing better than the memory of a great shower, I will never run out of hot water with this Thailand shower.

The mere idea that I have 70,000 thoughts per day makes me tired. Critical Thinking

Happiness it easier when there is hope, patience, and an active imagination about the future.

Ants are an annoyance to travelers and tourists, Thailand helps tourists to avoid the problem with one extra room benefit.

Digital Nomad Traveler can find information about AIS on Wikipedia by searching for Advanced Info Service - The link to Wiki is in this post.

This is probably the best Hotel I know in the 14 years of my perpetual travel. Hotels Lago Atitlan Guatemala

This video will show you it is easy to live in Thailand on 500 Dollars Per Month

Responsible Travel - Be a responsible traveler, please poke a hole into the sides of water bottles to stop the locals from scamming you.

There is no good reason to sunbath on Haad Rin Beach on Koh Phangan Island in Thailand, the beach is dead.

Showers and Baths - Travel Shampoo Management Travel Tip

Travel Websites news about that seems to semi-closed on April 2010.

2012- Who can game the system best is the new business model of 2012, the person who can finagle a way to trick, cheat, or lie wins.

I no longer can stomach tourism, it causes an uneasy feeling, I want to hangout, talk, enjoy the day, I do not need the endless new trends in my day.

The song "Jet Airliner" by the Steve Miller Band as added to my collection of best Songs Of Travel November 5, 2012.

Transportation from Bangkok Thailand to Koh Phangan Beach, close to Koh Tao and Koh Samui, the cost is 700 Baht.

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