We have been tolerating crap so long in the USA, that it is normal, when some does not feed us BS, we think they are bad, this is sad.

The design for a simple, cheap, solar water distillation system for drinking water that would be appropriate technology for developing countries.

Appropriate Technology for aid is easy to understand, tangible, and affordable, the locals will adopt it, and the technology will spread.

I enjoyed a conversation with a 70 year old Indiana Amish farmer who said, Americans need to do some hard work on the farm to build character.

It is my opinion, that the Internet by power of suggestion, by like, and unlike has created a generation of youth who can only follow, not think.

I would confirm that Turmeric is superfood or spice, this page is devoted to references to prove that statement, that Turmeric is superfood. Videos Wanted

This hopes to add to George Washington's list of rules on how be a gentleman, and to have good manners?

It takes as long as it takes, but we must leave the comfort, we must make travel into the the light of day, and leave those angry people in our wake.

We need to be careful in life, when a business destroys a family, and the pursuit of happiness, it is time to move on, and reinvent our life, we travel.

The Anointed believe they have already blossomed, already knowledgeable, and talk down, often making decision about issues they do not understand.

Happiness is evasive here is my personal goal worksheet, so you can see an example. By writing them down, they sit in the back of our mind working.

All the random chemicals we allow to touch, breath, or enter our bodies working in concert to magnify a problem. Alone they are safe, together a danger.

Alan made a joke, that posting a photo of Macadamia Nut Pie was mean, I was tempting the members of china-marbles.info. I have not ate sugar for 2 years.

Making good friends is easy, if you avoid the temptation to talk with with people with bad manners. The lesson to learn is, what is good manners?

Strategies For Travel - Stop the Hotel reservation booking services from gaming you.

As a rule of thumb, sugar is unhealthy, so why not become hot and spicy?

How to keep your brain healthy? Walk out the door, travel to an unknown land, and learn to solve problems, force your brain to work.

Critical thinking would me to believe that when humans squabble, best to leave the comfort of the group entangled in debate, and search for truisms...

Savvy travelers learn to avoid the word cheap, distrust the word, and use specific dollars amounts, having respect for others enough to share the price.

I find myself reading books, and watching films about Russia, I recognized, my subconscious has decided to go to Russia, and motivates me to research.

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