This is NOT an SOS call for help, it is a Travel SOS, a Safety Optimization Strategy, how to make the best of dodgy adventure travel, and avoiding death.

The Social Status of the planet, a funny explanation of the world, from the global perspective of a world traveler in Africa.

The Sand Pebbles a 1966 film starring Steve McQueen and Candice Bergen has been listed at the 11 best travel movie in English.

Tourists and Travelers buy things, stuff, etc. This travel tip explains how to make your bag expandable.

Malaria has been stopped in the USA, Europe and most over-developed countries, it can be stopped in the normal countries, it is possible.

Maybe learning to flirt, will allow you to have friends and make money.

There are hotel room that are naturally cooler, you can choose a better room, you can design the hotel better, and make more money.

Piracy is a travel tradition, call travelers of the planet by noble names, Conquistador, Conquerors and Captains, we are Pirates.

Wife can be purchased in any culture, it is an open contract that you will pay to enforce every day of your life, for a long as you live.

Catch 22 of Language: When learning a word, if I repeat it, I am admitting I am stupid, but if I do not repeat it, I am admitting I am stupid.

These Natitingou, Benin, West Africa children photos remind me of my Mother and Father in Orland, Indiana, United States of America.

Why I live in Natitingou, Benin? Why I came to Natitingout to hang out for a month?

Social Status explained as Peacock, Chameleon, Cockroach, and the Bull Ape for fun.

The man repeats each word 4 times. you can listen to 3000-4000 French Words on, or you can download.

French words and phrases written so an English reader can sound out the words in English and pronounce correctly.

Maybe Benin is experiencing Internet problem from broken cable or microwave problems, I have yet to learn why...?

How to cross from Togo to Benin at the Nadoba / Boukoumbe Border.

To not change and keep pace is good, the need to adapt is a not a benefit.

ProMaDor Defined: This is French Man slang in Cote dIvoire for girls PROMADOR , means PROmener, MAnger, DORmir - Walk, Eat, and Sleep.

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