Learning about voodoo is an adventure, it is dangerous.

Maybe a bill will pass that will allow investors starting a business in the USA to stay easier in 2013, Obama is helping the bill to pass.

Learning French in Lome Togo, West Africa is a great idea, but not other cities in Togo.

This is the easy to understand rules of French pronunciation, this page associates English words with the French alphabet.

By writing the Andy china-marbles.info Travel Blog for 10 years, I have given myself a gift, the correlation of truth, with reality as possible.

How I traveled from Atakpame to Kara in a Cinq Place, 5 seat collective taxi in 2013.

Life is easy enough, work is not push and shove, but there is a need to hussle to buy a car, or motorcycle.

Immigration Emigration Migration, anyway you do it, as a young person, the city is where the action is, and they become addicted to the chaos.

How can I leave, when anyone in the USA has the ability to call me?

Interviews of a man who live is Lome, Togo West Africa for 13 years - January 2013

Third World Solutions, fix the broken boss, chef, chiefs, and leaders and stop the American Dream.

Are you tired, retired, or too good to travel?

Manners are rare, but heat can be avoided.

The third level does not understand the rules of he first.

Accommodations or live abroad apartments allows you to live like a King, or Queen cheaply.

Your Hotel is where all PR starts! Choosing the right Hotel will either give you DHV or DLV.

Where is Andy Graham? January 20-30, 2013

I believe there is nothing more natural, or human than the desire to master, and have others obey.

Leakage Losing Small Money because of temptation, on indirect, unanticipated expenses.

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