The man repeats each word 4 times. you can listen to 3000-4000 French Words on, or you can download.

French words and phrases written so an English reader can sound out the words in English and pronounce correctly.

Maybe Benin is experiencing Internet problem from broken cable or microwave problems, I have yet to learn why...?

How to cross from Togo to Benin at the Nadoba / Boukoumbe Border.

To not change and keep pace is good, the need to adapt is a not a benefit.

ProMaDor Defined: This is French Man slang in Cote dIvoire for girls PROMADOR , means PROmener, MAnger, DORmir - Walk, Eat, and Sleep.

Transportation Between Cities in Africa.

One Day At a Time it the implied threat, you must live one day at a time, because there is no tomorrow.

Save The World Organizations should get tan.

Living Abroad is an art, you need to optimize your lifestyle by choosing the correct time compartments for you, not me, but for you.

What do you do after you see all the animals in Africa? What is you speak English and your are tired of Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa, (FRENCH)

Travel To Nadoba Togo, and soon to cross into Benin 2013.

World Travel is self-service, one learns to take care of ones self.

Learning about voodoo is an adventure, it is dangerous.

Maybe a bill will pass that will allow investors starting a business in the USA to stay easier in 2013, Obama is helping the bill to pass.

Learning French in Lome Togo, West Africa is a great idea, but not other cities in Togo.

This is the easy to understand rules of French pronunciation, this page associates English words with the French alphabet.

By writing the Andy Travel Blog for 10 years, I have given myself a gift, the correlation of truth, with reality as possible.

How I traveled from Atakpame to Kara in a Cinq Place, 5 seat collective taxi in 2013.