If you are conversational in a language, then it is time to stop saying you do not speak the language.

Why We Live In Lome Togo?

I hope the rental car business booms worldwide, it would make the life of crime easier.

Learning to cope with unpredictable situation is the art of travel.

Food poisoning is truly dangerous, here is a cure that anyone can do, anywhere on the planet. Mumbai Mike is an normal born American living in India.

Free of man made changes, I believe in simplistic living.

Accepting that you do not speak Alien, and cannot know a negative is step one.

This is planning page for a trip across NNiiggeerriia in 2013, by Andy Lee Graham. I am also the chief travel writer for china-marbles.info.

English is all you need to know to travel the planet.

You can look at slavery sideways, and realize we often work for nothing in return.

About Andy The Hobotraveler Com

Love is good, but intermarriage is almost a taboo.

Psychologically 15 years of perpetual travel changed me, I am now an extreme extrovert.

A how to read "Maps" travel tip.

Third World Solutions, easy to say, almost impossible to do.

Tattoos, and cutting of skin is a way of explaining our social status.

99 percent of Travel Videos are commercials, this article talk about how to know which videos to trust, and and how to download?