I am laughing at myself, I am bias, I judge different cultures with very different standards, the world is not age sensitive, but is emotional sensitive, the USA is arbitrary.

I don't care about a country, or the tourist attractions, truly to me, only good to be curious, and care about the actual people we meet.

Travel is a never ending comparison, speculation, and anticipation, and all fueled by imagination.

“What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, Stand a little taller, Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone, What doesn't kill you makes a fighter." - Kelly Clarkson

Most of you want a boss, agree to have a boss, continually sign up to have someone tell you want to do guilt, anger and 2 addiction thrive.

A Life Without Borders, we have two choices in life, whether to search for comfort, or to stay a little, angry, may the force be with you.

As long as we keep writing, and keep walking,, we will find the way...

Inequality causes anxiety for me, Andy Lee Graham -- April 2018

Make a decision today, either to be content, or angry, but don't sit on the fence with no passion for life.

Google is not promoting websites, it is promoting only Google, this company is working against the small websites, and sells ads to the big ones.

Our collection of hotel problems, serious ones, you can refuse to check into the Hotel. Add ideas in comments.

We are all on the path to the nursing home, some are leading the pack.

In June of 2012 I made a decision to sleep on stomach, when lying down to be 80 percent of the time on my belly, and not my back, it stopped sciatica pain

It takes 3 hours for the insulin hormone to leave the bloodstream, the body cannot lose weight while insulin is present.

I found a super small folding wood table, it sells great in Guatemala, I will carry it to Togo, West Africa, and hope they copy.

This is 5 videos by Dr John Bergman explaining brain health in one location, easy to bookmark, to review, watch again,and again.

The Euros banknote, the paper money of the European Union is different sizes, it is easy for blind people to tell apart, America money is same sizes.

There is 1.5-3 billion people who are starting to use cell phones, they need electricity, this is a need that is growing much faster than solar supply.

Guidelines on how to talk with friends, words to avoid, how to avoid getting banned, or deleted?

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