As a rule of thumb, paying over U.S. $2,000 for a round-trip plane ticket to any destination means you paid too much.

I wonder if American citizens living near the Mexican border smuggle prescription drugs into the USA?

One day you are wimp, a coward, and the next day you are the hero of your life, living the dream, the Jason Bourne of travel. This dream is real.

It is possible for any USA citizen living in under-developed countries to earn thousands of dollars a month selling on

The roundtrip plane ticket is a marketing conspiracy that makes airlines, employers and governments happy. They do not want freedom of travel.

The Christian Missionaries Travel Culture is rapidly growing as anybody with an Internet connection can set up a mission.

I am having trouble writing.

My entrepreneurial juices are flowing. I purchased 100 barcodes yesterday on for my travel inventions / a.k.a. innovations.

Jesus Christ is the greatest salesman ever, yet Napoleon Bonaparte explains the secret of his success in words I understand.

I feel rich. Why? Because I can escape the USA and fly to Europe today for only U.S. $490 – a lot cheaper than a Harley!

Emerged in early 1700s, the Surfing Travel Culture has spread worldwide wherever waves adequate for surfing.

The emergence of Pirate Travel Culture was prehistorical. It has existed for as long as the oceans have been plied for commerce.

I am working on an invention to save lives, but I think it could make millions inside the USA.

This videos is by Chris C. Ducker, who has lived in the Philippines since 2010, living and working there for three years.

The famous last words before we are involuntary committed to a nursing home are, “I've fallen and I can't get up!” Here's how to install grab b

With US $2,000, I will learn French in France for 2-4 months. I am lazy, so immersion is the easiest and cheapest way to learn French fast.

Emergence in 3,000 B.C. of the camel train caravan travel culture, then a slow assimilation after the inventions of trains and trucks.

Example of how to map free Wi-Fi internet connections in northeast Indiana: 1 Starbucks, 2 Panera breads and 6, free Wi-Fi possible

The USA has many temptations, whether food or computers. One is tempted to believe computers make the best lovers - this is the promise.

The other night, after eating a normal U.S. meal, I got sick. Each time I return to the USA, I eat too much – there is too much food in the USA for me.

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