Jobs Available Abroad: There are aid organizations in every country that desperately need Americans and Europeans for management positions.

5 top reasons to stay in five star hotel chains, such as Hilton, Sheraton, Hyatt, Marriott or Ritz

What can I say? It is quite obvious to me that anyone reading this today was born under a lucky star. Travel is an act of gratitude toward life.

We buy expensive travel gear, take off on a world tour, and two months later, we are tired of carrying heavy, unused travel gear, and we dump it.

The 4-Hour Workweek is the dream, but giving birth to our first virtual assistant is how real digital nomad travelers live that dream.

We all deserve a good hotel room, whether we are smart or dumb, rich or poor, yet the hotel travel industry has duping delight on steroids.

This video shows five weapons available to you as a world traveler, weapons airport security (TSA) will allow on planes.

Here is an excellent expat interview of Marc Bizier from Montreal, Canada, who speaks four languages and works and plays abroad.

Do you want to visit crazy countries outside the USA, the places nobody else goes to?Volunteering provides a good means for Americans.

Packing a suitcase - Sechan's video explains 15 good travel tips for packing your suitcase for an international trip. She is not from the USA.

Living in New York City, London or Paris is an adventure of self-discovery. You will gain years of experiences in one month. It is a lifestyle choice.

The people of the USA tip it is an American custom. Here are five tipping steps to living a luxury lifestyle as an international traveler.

This is a statement of travelers' beliefs, whereby we can recognize other travelers of like mind, who accept the travel lifestyle, and are respectful.

This is an excellent video of bats the size of small rats for members to see.

Telling a virtual assistant to update a webpage by email is painful. We send 20 emails and never get the correct update. Heres the solution.

JFK, the 35th U.S. president, understood travel. What are the five seeds of greatness for our sons and daughters? Read a timeline of a his travels.

The BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation – made a simple video that explains the benefits of couchsurfing, or living for free in people's homes.

Entrepreneurs - This video shows you how to fry, package and sell banana chips, starting with only a $10 investment!

My education at Indiana University, USA, was the best six years of my life. While working on a four-year degree, my dorm life was like living in a hotel.

Making travel videos is an art, and choosing the correct players can guaranteed success.

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