I feel rich. Why? Because I can escape the USA and fly to Europe today for only U.S. $490 – a lot cheaper than a Harley!

Emerged in early 1700s, the Surfing Travel Culture has spread worldwide wherever waves adequate for surfing.

The emergence of Pirate Travel Culture was prehistorical. It has existed for as long as the oceans have been plied for commerce.

I am working on an invention to save lives, but I think it could make millions inside the USA.

This videos is by Chris C. Ducker, who has lived in the Philippines since 2010, living and working there for three years.

The famous last words before we are involuntary committed to a nursing home are, “I've fallen and I can't get up!” Here's how to install grab b

With US $2,000, I will learn French in France for 2-4 months. I am lazy, so immersion is the easiest and cheapest way to learn French fast.

Emergence in 3,000 B.C. of the camel train caravan travel culture, then a slow assimilation after the inventions of trains and trucks.

Example of how to map free Wi-Fi internet connections in northeast Indiana: 1 Starbucks, 2 Panera breads and 6 McDonalds.com, free Wi-Fi possible

The USA has many temptations, whether food or computers. One is tempted to believe computers make the best lovers - this is the promise.

The other night, after eating a normal U.S. meal, I got sick. Each time I return to the USA, I eat too much – there is too much food in the USA for me.

In this video, Steve says tacit knowledge and pattern recognition is more important than memory. The situation where we learn the language is important.

Earning money for perpetual travel is the long way around. The short cut is to use OPM (other people's money) to foot the bill.

How do you deal with camera gear breaking? Keep taking photos long after other photographers return home to buy new photography gear stay in business.

Emergence 1908, the hitchhiking travel culture emerged when the average person became able to purchase, drive and share automobiles.

Stop searching for your cell phone number. This simple travel tip allows any digital nomad to remember the number, 100-percent guaranteed cell phone trick

The USA is the land of invention, where people dream of coming up with the "next great idea" that will make them millionaires.

Here are 20 fun travel facts to make your friends think you read too much, travel facts you need to backup your claims at a cocktail party.

Where is Andy Graham? I am in Orland, Indiana, USA, a small town of 400 people, helping my Dad as he slowly dies from cancer.

Jobs Available Abroad: There are aid organizations in every country that desperately need Americans and Europeans for management positions.

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