We truly get what we deserve from life. We all can renege on the deal, we do not deserve the life we was given, and we deserve the life we take.

This is an excellent question, but we need a comparisons TO WHAT. We can rely on opinions or we can compare Earth's locations to truly understand.

Books are foundation of Wikipedia.org. The Free Encyclopedia is a wonder of the modern world, and the avoidance of books is the end of 'inteligencia.

This page is a collection of YouTube interviews of people who have lived in Sosua, Dominican Republic for more than three years. You can add your videos.

La Costera restaurant in Sosua is as good at is gets with a great breakfast and high quality dinner. On Pedro Clisante between Europa and Passions Bar.

Members of the Hobo Travel Community change the world. One member changed my world today. We all change the world, some for good, some for bad.

Digital nomad travelers do not take notes we take photos because a photo remembers perfectly and 10 times more easily.

This is Andy Lee Graham, and I envy my readers. I want to have a wife, children and a big house in the suburbs.

We have three motivations for why we share on Facebook: one is noble, one is survival of fittest, and the last is the need for love.

This is a true story about just how stupid the world is getting because nobody answers the phone, then businesses fail, and people lose their jobs.

I do not want my friend Clementine to accidentally, needlessly die from a mosquito bite, so I return to Kara, Togo, West Africa Oct. 15 to stop malaria.

Travelers leave the USA, Europe or Australia, and we have two options: One, grin and bear the misery, and call ourselves tolerant, or Two,adapt, invent.

We watched the movie, Eat, Pray, Love, a great film. We loved it, but a couple of years later, we still do not EAT, PRAY, or Love. Why not, what is wrong?

Never travel, never wander the world freely longer than six months, or you will learn what you can live without.

Do I really need to travel a 1,000 miles to see "made for tourists" tourist attractions?

Many people stop working and travel the world for one year. They experience a lifestyle of long walks in the sun, then return home and forget their walks.

Savvy world travelers will understand why we travel to stupid places like Sosua, Dominican Republic, a rather fun but stupid paradise. Others will not.

For fun and profit, I will write how to escape the USA machine, the evil empire called the USA, and the country I love.

10 travel rules for international rental cars observed by savvy world travelers. Main rule? Dont. Driving a rental car internationally is a fools errand

For Sale - This is the perfect washcloth for real travelers. One good shake and it is dry enough to put in your backpack or luggage.