Laundry Soap in Small Bags Travel Tip

Laundry Soap in Small Bags Travel Tip
Buy the smallest bag of powdered laundry detergent possible when traveling, it is the wise decision. Never buy liquid soap; for sure, that is a recipe for disaster.
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Sunday, June 21, 2009
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I hope you folks appreciate the sacrifice I had to make to write this travel tip… (Too much soap) hehehe, someone click on the donation button.
(Omo is the soap that too-stupid-for-words woman keeps talking about in the book the White Masai.)

I can save money if I buy the big bag of Omo in Kenya, Africa. However, after years of hand washing clothes, I give up, it is not worth it, and I think I lose money by purchasing larger bags.

What happens is this, when I open a large bag I never use the whole bag in time of washing. I then try to save the soap for my next washday; however, the bag of open power tends to:

1. Spill
2. Spill or empty inside my backpack.
3. Get wet and hard to use.
4. I cannot be bothered to pack up and just leave in the room half full.
5. I need to give the bag of soap to the cleaner, some people require I provide the soap, I have yet to have any of them return the unused portion.

Yes, I can store in a ziplop bag, I can use bread bag ties, I can use rubber bands, and I can as the Brits say,
"Not be bothered."


Nevertheless, buy the smallest bag of laundry soap possible, it is the best decision.

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