Cheap Swimming Pool Travel Tip

Cheap Swimming Pool Travel Tip
It is often possible to enjoy the swimming pool, sauna, bar and other resort benefits without paying for the expensive room. I enjoy a swimming pool; however, when a Hotel has this feature it often double or triples the price of the Hotel room.

I have paid to visit many Swimming Pools in my 11 years of perpetual travel.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Southeast Asia
Sunday, June 28, 2009



I am staying in the ThaPae Gate Lodging across from the Top North Guesthouse here in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Swimming Pool at Top North Guesthouse in Chiang Mai, Thailand

I pay 150 Baht for a fan room, with Skype fast WIFI in my room. I walk across to the Top North Guesthouse and pay 100 Baht to use their swimming pool.

The minimum cost to stay in the Top North Guesthouse is 300 Baht for a fan room with no WIFI Internet.

Hotels have “Bundles of Benefits,” as I find my travelers nest, I try to Bundle all the Benefits in the same area, and I normally do not want them all in the same Hotel. For example, I like a restaurant, however I do not like a restaurant at my hotel, I like it across the street or down the block, and restaurants are noisy and often full of drunks.

I rate a swimming pool by the number of Bikinis, not by how clean it is, no Bikinis and a zero rating, I do not care how nice the pool is…

Cheap Swimming Pool Travel Tip


Interesting questions?

The best time to visit a swimming pool in Thailand and see bikinis is from about 1:00 pm until sunrise, the alcohol intake is high here. Be smart when choosing an apartment complex, visit the place when there are people at the pool if you like pools, however admit that only about 1 percent of tourist truly enjoy a pool.

99 percent Europe, USA and Canada here, with a high percentage of German girls Note, Chiang Mai is a horrible place to meet White Girls as this city is a two day and out city for most tourist. Maybe they hang around Pai more, but Chiang Mai is not a good place.

Koh Pha Ngan Island is your best bet for European Girls.

Thailand girls would need paid a lot of money to hang around much at a swimming pool, they all want to remain white, put on whitening cream and do better at watching cartoons and soap operas.

If you want colored action at a beach you need to go to Rio de Janiero, Brazil, I do not know of anywhere in Asia where the locals go to the beach long enough to spit.

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