Camp John Hay

Camp John Hay
Baguio, Philippines is the home of Camp John Hay, what used to be a USA Military Camp. Moreover, as best understand now is a Philippine Government ran real estate investment. The shining star of this camp in my opinion is the Manor Hotel. Located on the edge of a small mountain with a fresh outlook over the hills and valleys of Baguio this is Heaven, it is clean.

Baguio, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Sunday, August 2, 2009


This man made fountain in the Manor Hotel inside Camp Hay is one of truly magnificent, and a needed reprieve for weary travelers.

“May the lord bless you and forgive you for the places you visited in the Philippines.”

If you are the least big introspective, if your brain has a teeny sense of self-awareness, you have to ask yourself,
“Why go to Baguio?”

Truly, in my opinion, there are no tourist attractions in Baguio, if you lined up on a list of tourist places to visit in the world, this is zero. Then why are so many foreigners living in Baguio, why do many come and visit, I would propose this, they want a reprieve from Hell, they want mercy. Try to consider and think of hell as confusion and chaos, and heaven as clarity. Then after you live the good life, we are rewarded.

What is the reward for being a good person in the Philippines?
“They send you to Baguio.”
For the Saints, they you get to immigrate to the USA.

Manor Hotel Baguio Philippines inside Camp Hay

After you walk by the reception, after you walk by the fine dining, after you confidently express you are a foreigner, you can stand around on the Veranda area of the Manor Hotel and feel very clean.

Yes, the Manor Hotel in the camp is priced correctly by world standards, what a reprieve…

Hmm, off season prices, truly a tricky country.
2,900 Peso for one person
3,150 Peso for a double room.

Ok, this is rather good deal for the rainy season, I truly do not want to dig into this further; it is not wise to understand too much in the Philippines, a good deal today, is only a good deal today.

Hmm, I have yet to stay in one Hotel room that is priced properly by world standards, these are the Philippines is the champion of giving you no value for too much money. However, for a couple, on vacation, who needs forgiveness for going to Manila, the Manor Hotel is the place, it is forgiveness, and it is beautiful.

Hmm, if the Manor is leading you to Heaven, the Real Estate is temptation to enter Hell. I am a real estate expert, I sold about 80-100 commercial and residential properties as a Broker in Indiana.

1. 37 Year lease, what is remaining of 50, truly a deal which is less attractive by the year.
2. 300 dollar per square meter, about 200,000 to 400,000 for a lot.
3. You then probably need to pay 200,000 to bribe, push, and build a house
4. Then to boot, you must pay 125 dollars monthly maintenance fee.

Bottom line, do not buy in the Philippines, I have never seen any reason to buy in the Philippines. I personally am not going to invest in Pesos, and do not trust the powers that be to keep their hands out of my pockets. There is something genetically hardwired into the brain of an American, the first thing they do in life is try to buy Real Estate problems overseas.

Learn this:
If a property is selling for 500,000, it should rent for 5,000 dollars, if you can rent it for 500 dollars, this is windfall for a rental and a disaster for a buyer.

Well, anyway you do, if you got the money, if you need two days, maybe two weeks remission from the Chaos of Manila. If you are in Angeles city and want to wipe the sleaze off your pants, this is good place to bring a girl in tow. If you are tourist who never leaves the resort and wears rose colored glasses, this is the place to be, the Manor Hotel inside a military camp with no military.

Funny how the Brits saved the wild animals of East Africa by making places for the Kings, Queens and Nobility to hunt. This spot of land was saved by war, now it is an oasis of peace with a lot of noise outside.

If you are a saintly traveler, I suppose you choose a good path and a good hotel while surrounded by many bad choices.

Note, I often give you sketchy, dodgy information about touristy crap, I do not want you to blindly trust me, I want some open gaps in my story. I want you to take a good long look at the girl, feel her belly, interview her friends, talk to her mother yourself before you purchase a temporary wife or home.

Camp John Hay


Baguio is simply another elevated alternative to Tagaytay for Manilans and Central Luzon residents to escape the heat of the Filipino summer months from March thru May. I agree with most of what else you say about Baguio and I usually only pass through on my way to or from Sagada and Banaue.

We have prospered incredibly in U$ from buying real estate in prime locations since 79 up to the present with returns similiar to those buying California beach community real estate in the late 50s thru the late 60s. The Filipino population is exploding and has been for the past 20 years not so much different than the ever increasing popuation of California so where theres growth there is prime location real estate appreciation. And during downturns in the economic cycle prime location real estate suffers little or far less than half of other properties.

Our Manila location has gone up 800 in U$ land value and my wifes first Boracay property up 3000 ( U$1000 to U$30,000 ) from 79 to 89 and our 3rd property from 90 to 2006 up 1500 ( $100T to $1.5M ). Also on Caticlan near Boracay from $700 to U$10,000 from 89 to 2001 nearly 100 / year. There are many people who choose to be critical and hesitant about investing in the Philippines and many Filipinos who overprice their properties. THANK GOD for ALL of them leaving wise frugal, patient investors to prosper beyond their dreams.


Every 10th person in the USA and Europe does not have a job.

About 1 in 500 in the market Real Estate investor realizes a cash in their pocket return the can spend.

About 1 in 10,000 webmaster makes enough money to live from G ads.

Andy Graham


Sorry Chris and Andy, Have to disagree! It has alot to do with attitude, when 1 out of 10 people allow themselves to get depressed and out of a job often due to their excessive spending and consumer habits to some of us among the 9 out of 10 we see OPPORTUNITY. When major corporations go bankrupt for similiar bad expense, marketing and accounting decisons what remains creates opportunity for others in the the same market.

Three important details about investing in any type of real estate in the Philippines is
1 ) once its paid for the resident investor has access to all types of educated, skilled and uneducated unskilled cheap labor. Business owners in the G20 wealthier countries have tired of so many of their employees striking and demanding higher and higher pay, paying ever inflating health benefits and rising retirement incomes not to mention government intervention. It seems like nobody understands that the wealthy and those who provide jobs do NOT need to work nor bother with such headaches.

2 ) Once a real estate investor or small businessman establishes himself in a Filipino community the level of trust is incredible compared to the wealthier countries where agents and attorneymiddlement have firmly installed themselves between the BUYER and the SELLER. We have had Absolute Deeds of Sale signed and notarized and the land transferred to my wifes name BEFORE making full and final payment withOUT interest. That type of TRUST disappeared in the States from 50 to 100 years ago.

3 ) Here in the Philippines in the Spirit of Self-Determination Filipinos and foreigners can build their own house, depending on location, withOUT any interruption from local government. And most anywhere they can build their own structure withOUT an archetect, withOUT a contractor, withOUT a sub-contractor by simple hiring masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers etc directly on a daily salary basis. They can use the Tel yellow pages to call local building materials suppliers to canvas prices in ENGLISH and arrange delivery. For 20 years the cost of building in U$ hasnt gone up much, for ground floor structures with steel roofing U$100 / sqm and for 2nd , 3rd, 4th and 5th Floor structures built with steel rebar and concrete U$150 /sqm. NOW those are numbers which anybody can get EXCITED ABOUT when deciding to invest in the Philippines.


Careful Bill this is a NO Bola Bola zone,