Top 25 Places to Live by Seasoned Travelers

Top 25 Cities Chosen by Pro Travelers:

  1. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  MAP   --------
  2. Bangkok, Thailand  MAP   --------
  3. Bolgatanga, Ghana MAP
  4. Boquete, Panama  MAP   --------
  5. Chiang Mai, Thailand MAP   --------
  6. Cusco, Peru  MAP   --------
  7. Fiji  MAP   --------
  8. Goa, India MAP   --------
  9. Hampi, India   --------
  10. Iquito, Peru  MAP   --------
  11. Kathmandu, Nepal MAP   --------
  12. Lago Atitlan, Guatemala  MAP      --------
  13. Lome, Togo MAP   --------
  14. Luang Prabang, Laos  MAP   --------
  15. ?????Mantanitas, Ecuador MAP
  16. Medellin, Colombia MAP   --------
  17. Mendoza, Argentina  MAP   --------
  18. Nanyuki, Kenya  MAP
  19. Pohkara, Nepal   MAP   --------
  20. Riga, Latvia  MAP   --------
  21. San Cristobal las Casas, Mexico MAP   --------
  22. Sihanoukville, Cambodia  MAP   --------
  23. Ulam Batar – Mongolia  MAP   --------
  24. Sosua, Dominican Republic    --------
  25. Xela, Guatemala    --------
  26. Awasa, Ethiopia    --------
  27. Cape, Coast Ghana   --------


Why are these "dead" links?


Who exactly are these 'seasoned travelers', I am going into the more 'upscale' hospitality industry, promoting some really nice hostals, B and B s and guest house, rooms in private homes that will attract both travelers, small business people, long and short term aid workers and yes, even tourists!!!!!!! I drove around 'tourists' for years in Guatemala and Honduras, most of them were nice, most of tehm tipped everyone who gave service, come to think of it it was very rare to see a mochillero tip a local, why? Are they special? Check your links before you put them on line and there are thousands of travel bloqs, most written by ordinary travelers if you look for them on Google. Be transparent, name the 25 'seasoned travelers'


Dear Andy,
Are these in an order, such as best or cheapest or just a list of places?
Thanks, best to you,
Hiker Bob on the Mexico border of Texas


They are not in any special order.


LOL - I enjoy reading older post of mine. I now have made the 100 best locations for people to HANG OUT FOR 1-3 MONTHS --- This is not a list of the top places to retire. I did a survey of travelers I know personally, all who have traveled for over 1-10 years. And I asked the question, "Where did you by accident, or design, stay for one month or more?" This link is my short list:

Now, I know you all are used to reading articles written by people who want to say, this is the TOP 10 Place so live, and Mathieu wants to be near beaches, like Havana, Cuba, maybe Pataya, Thailand, Sosua Dominican, Republic etc. While another person needs perfect climate, with no furnaces, or AC needed, like Lake Atitlan, Boquete Panama, Bagui Philippines, and another can only think about business, so needs Chang Mai for Internet business, with outsourced. What writers do is suck in reader by giving top 10, enough for you to think about, but none that annoy you. But for the truly wise, they know that every time they make a decision of what is not right, the closer the are to what is right. It is a process of elimination, not a process of choosing the correct that allows a person to choose the best. For me to tell you what is the best is to say, "YOU are the same as me." Readers need to think, we need to provoke negative responses, that lead us towards clarity.

As a man who has been to 107 countries, I know how stupid I was when I first started traveling. I listened to people tell me the tourist locations they loved, then went there. Extremely popular tourists locations make horrible places to live for 1-3 months, expensive, full of scammers, and real estate sale people trying to sell things like time shares, it is where people go to start their process of elimination, not where they end up for 20 years living.

Lawrence said one time on the members wall, inside the site, you need to do 100 hours of reading, and Malcolm Gladwell says, we need 10,000 hours before we become an expert. Change your point of view, try to eliminate locations, and what is left over for you, is your paradise. Not mine, yours, which is the goal, not to for me to choose your top 10, to stop you from thinking from choosing the 10 not annoying locations, that every Tom, Dick and Harry that has not got their 10,000 hours of travel under their belt recommends. Do not talk to strangers, they will send you to a location, allow you to spend 5000 dollars making bad decisions. If it was easy, then it is a tourist trap. If every thing is worded perfect, all the photos are wonderful, it is complicated travel writer, writing advertising copy for a real estate sales company, he or she lies to make money, this is the nature of the travel industry, temptation by total congruency ,consistency, with photos that dazzle, well all that glitters is often an advertisement disguised as travel journalism. Go here to see the 100, then eliminate the ones that do not apply, what is left is best, but the list really should have 1000, like that book about 1000 places to go before you die.


Don't talk to strangers first means, no talking to people who are trying to hide, who purposely refuse to be honest. Who have zero desire to become your friends. We are either on the way to become friends, or we should separate. Please weigh intentions here Mathieu, finding exceptions is not the point, it misses the point. Time to get verified Mathieu, your grace bad boy time is coming to an end soon.