Transportation between Cities

Transportation is a "math test."


- Total of time spent moving between Hotels
- Cost of all Transportation
= Equals the price you pay in time and money.

     The goal is "Travel Optimization," to bundle up a package that has the least amount of discomfort, and the greatest enjoyment.  This "Transportation Portal" of want to allow tourist and traveler to skip the silliness and get down to specific answers.

How do I travel between two cities in the cheapest and most comfortable manner?

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Grand Bassam Cote d'Ivoire to Lome Togo

Travel options Grand Bassam Cote d'Ivoire to Lome Togo - Transportation Between Cities

I Left Kara And Now In Kande Togo West Africa

Transportation Between Cities in Africa.

Transportation between Cities

Transportation between Cities is the important question for the Pro Traveler, how much time and money between two hotels.

List of Concepts:

Most Comfort - Arrange Private Car or Taxi.
1. Buying all seats in collective taxis.
2. Collective Taxi.
3. Buying front seats in collective taxi

1. Is bus direct or does it stop for passengers.
2. AC

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People who know easy transport
1. NGO
2. Priest

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