The Best in the World

     My name is Andy Graham, I have traveled the planet perpetually for 12 years, and lived in 88 countries, each for about one-two months. When someone says to me, this is the best in the world. I flinch, the world is a little too big for that comment. However, I understand, they want to make one good choice.

This is the List of Andy Graham of Best Travel Destinations by Topic

  1. Animals - Best Country to See Animals
    - India because the are vegetarian and do eat them.
  2. African Safari
    Maisai Mara in Kenya
  3. Architecture - Best Architecture in World
    - Brugges Belgium
  4. Archeology - Pyramids
    - Egypt - Note, Tikal in Guatemala is great.
  5. Amazon River - Amazon River Tours
    - Buy on the ground in Iquitos, Peru
  6. Beach - Best Topless Beach
    - Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  7. Beach - Best Beach on Planet
    - Copa Cabana in Rio de Janeiro
  8. Beach - Best Beach to Live on for 1-3 Months
    - Palolem in Goa, India in Winter Months
  9. Beach- Most Beautiful Beach
    Pranang Cave Beach in Thailand
  10. Beach - Best Beach in Europe
    - Ramblas of Barcelona
  11. Bird Watching
    - Costa Rica
  12. Cheap - Cheapest Country on Planet
    - India
  13. Clothing - Best Place to Have Suits Made Cheap
    - Vietnam
  14. Clothing - Best Tailors on Planet for Cheap
    - India
  15. Country - Best Country for Tourist
    - Guatemala
  16. Food - Best Place to Buy Cashew on Planet
    Oradura, Burkina Faso
  17. Food - Best Dates on Planet
    - Jerusalem, Israel
  18. Food - Best Sausage in World
    - Germany
  19. Food - Best Bread on Planet
    - France
  20. Food - Best Pretzals on Planet
    - Germany
  21. Food - Best Chocolate on Planet
    - Belgium
  22. Food - Cheapest and Best Chocolate for Value
    - Spain
  23. Food - Best Pizza in World
    - United States of America because Cheese is best
  24. Food - Rice with Chicken
    Kaw Pat Gai - Thailand - It must be street food, and must not be any tourist around.
  25. Fish Market - Best Fish Market on Planet
    - Manaus Brazil
  26. Girls - Most Beautiful Girls on Planet
    - Medellin, Colombia - Combination of Spanish and Black
  27. Hostels - Best Hostels in World
    - England, they have Guest Kitchens, fun, and help.
  28. Scuba Diving
    - Utila Honduras
  29. Snorkeling
    - Belize
  30. Surfing - Best Surfing
    - Southern Mexico
  31. Massage
    - Thailand
  32. Medical Tourism - Best Medical Tourism on Planet
    - Philippines because you can explain in English
  33. Mobile Office - Best Location for Cheap Mobile Office
    Lake Atitlan, Guatemala - Same time zone as USA, High Speed Internet and five dollar rooms.
  34. Mountains - Mountain Base Camp Trip
    Evererst buying trip in Kathmandu, Nepal
  35. Girls for Free
    - Ghana
  36. Girls for Pay
    - Philippines
  37. Jungle
    - Costa Rica
  38. Men for Pay
    - The Gambia
  39. People - Best All Around People on the Planet
    - Holland or "The Netherlands."
  40. Retirement - Best in World to Live as Family
    - Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
  41. Retirement - Best to Live as Single Man
    - Philippines
  42. Sunrise - Best Sunrise in Morning
    - Coast of Brazil
  43. Sunsets - Best Sunset Location on Planet
    - Pie de La Cuesta, Mexico
  44. Wow - Best Place to Say Wow a Lot
    - Nepal
  45. Waste Bins - Most Waste Bins or Public Desposal
    - Estonia

Help Andy Think - I need idea for best... ? This list is going to take years to complete, if you have a topic that is not listed, please click on Contact above and I will add.

Thank you, Andy Graham in Tela, Honduras 2010

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