Trip To China, We Buy Electric Cargo Motorcycles Deduct Expenses Off USA Taxes

Electric Motorcycle Cargo Trike USA

I think it would be fun to buy this Electric Cargo Motorcycle Trike in China, and sell in the USA. I would like to make a trip to where this is manufactured, take it for a test spin, see what is possible.

Call Andy Lee Graham +1 260-624-4414 -- Let it ring for a long time, leave a message, I may be in China, or Guatemala, or Africa, who knows?

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2500 usd 

15,000 Truck Trike USA company.


Long story, but I am wanting to buy these cargo motorcycles, to use on Mama Says project in Togo, West Africa,. I am not saying this specific one, this is just an example, but I would like to make a trip to China. Long story again, but we are paying Michael to apply for grant, probably 501C, and for Solar Powered Libraries, where people can download ebooks for free or learn how to.


What would you buy and sell them for? Is the 2500 your cost for buying them? We have electric bikes and the Nissan Leaf and so are big advocates.


Easy way, put on motorcycle sales lots, let them get a commission to sell. If one finances their inventory, this is easy.

This page tells the price of this specific one, it is 2500 USD to the USA.

How to buy a product abroad?
I would first pay an worker to collect as many links to vendors possible, organize into a spreadsheet, and then take my time and look at their information. Maybe, then go to see 3 companies in China, but with the provision that each country I coule buy from knows how to export to the USA.

Get one on the ground here in USA, and try to license, register, insure etc.

For me, I believe this type of product, electric bikes,, transport will super boom in the next 10 years.

Make a website on the product, start making videos, put 3-5 in a garage somewhere, and start the process of selling, or we could go to many motorcycle sales companies, put them on their lot, let them sell.

I suppose this cost around 25 to 50 k to start, easy business, not complicated. Getting a good electric one to sell, what is good here, the Chinese ones are not toys, they are real.


I am laughing, many people want to keep ideas on how to make money secret, I could probably find one new great idea per day, they take money, and bravery, and common senses. A good business does not create big overhead until they know heir products sell. I need an angel who has a lot of money, and wants to have fun playing.