Responsible Travel

The world is threatened by the developed cultures destroying the underdeveloped cultures.

"If you cannot save one person, how can you save the world."
- Mark W.

I Have a Dream
It is powerful, angry dream, I am tormented, frustrated by this dream. I dream of being able to write the perfect sentence, the perfect explanation of what I see, this sentence would stop people, from destroying countries like Haiti by donations to scams internet pages. I think of the Sanskrit word, “Ahimsa”, meaning “noninjury”, or a dictum, a protocol, a way of living our life, it is a rule I try to live by, I do my best, I do not succeed, I will be judged by my intentions.

 Ahimsa: First, we do no harm.

Please Poke a Hole Into Purified Water Bottles

Responsible Travel - Be a responsible traveler, please poke a hole into the sides of water bottles to stop the locals from scamming you.

Refuse the Plastic Bag to be a Responsible World Traveler

There is an over-abundance of plastic bags on planet earth, just say no the next time the store tries to put purchased items in a plastic bag.

Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel - What is your responsibility as a Tourist? Learn to listen and communicate with the world that helps the planet.

Travelers are Tolerant Then Why the Look of Disgust?

Travelers Are Tolerant Then Why The Look Of Disgust - Responsible Travel

List of World Problem for a Responsible Traveler

  1. Manners
  2. Eco-Tourism spreading tourism and destroying by building resorts.
  3. NGO creating beggars out of people.
  4. Media creating artificial disasters to create world class advertisers
  5. Gang Culture being transferred from the USA to world.
  6. Respect for Customs of other Cultures

Airline Consumer Protections Needed

  1. Worldwide policy on baggage fees 

Hotel and Hospitality Industry Protections Needed

  1. Worldwide policy on Star Ratings that is available to public with a reporting system for problems.

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