Real Traveler's Creed, Codes of Conduct and Rules

To be a traveler is to choose a lifestyle, which could be defined as a culture, we have customs, rules, codes of conducts and traveler's creed. Most of which are unwritten and seldom explained.

This travel community adheres to the ways of travelers, and expects other members to behave with respect with all other members.

Ask About New Travel Hangouts

Experienced traveler can be identified, they are the ones asking where the new travel hangout are located.

I Live The Gulliver's Travel Paradox, the More I Travel the Less People Believe What I Say

Real Travelers may relate to this, I am not sure, but we do drift away and take a separate path, the more we travel the less we fit in at home.

My Belief in a Travelers Code of Conduct Stops Me from Being Secretive on Internet

Real Travelers have a code of conduct, they feel compelled to share information, they know to not is dangerous and not in the spirit of travel.

Real Traveler Defined by Wade Shepard

Wade Shepard a perpetual traveler explains who a Real Traveler is or defines a Real Traveler.

Real Traveler's Creed, Codes of Conduct and Rules

The consensus of behavior expected from real travelers of the planet, a lifestyle of sharing and mutual respect.

Seeks Advice from Long Term Travelers

An experienced travel seeks advice from long term travelers or expats.

St Christopher The Patron Saint Of Travelers

Watch video, and read the story of "St Christopher The Patron Saint Of Travelers." Watch video with Ringo Star of Beatles lost his in New York City.

The Travelers Creed - Guidelines for Members of

This is a statement of travelers' beliefs, whereby we can recognize other travelers of like mind, who accept the travel lifestyle, and are respectful.

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