Positive and Negative Aspects of Travel

If you wish to explore the planet, it will be easier if you first remove the idea that there aer halves and halve nots, in the end the whole planet it the same, we are all equals.

Travel Tip: If you see a person with a smile on their face, do not try to find a problem.

List of Positive Travel Experiences:

  1. Meeting happy families who work hard and care.
  2. Meeting other cultures as equals, not as inferiors.
  3. Making friends with other people, and not trying to change them.

List of Negative Travel Experiences:

  1. When the locals copy the bad habits of traveler, drinking, drugs, clothing and music.
  2. Viewing a culture as needing help when in a poorer country.
  3. Viewing a culture as being better when in a richeer country.


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