Minimalist Lifestyle

This minimalist philosophy as expounded here is , which means there is no obvious way to connect all these concepts into clarity. What I am writing here is my philosophy of life, which is coupled with my travelers lifestyle.

I am Andy Lee Graham minimalist from Orland, Indiana.

Minimalist Concepts that Andy Lee Graham lives by:

1. Debt should be avoided.

2. Monthly payments should be avoided.

3. Pay the least amount of money for shelter, the minimalist.

4. Look for the simple answers.

5. Rules, customs, religions, all want should be questioned, in a methedological doubt.

6. Search only for obvious, semi-discard anything that is not obvious, and procrastinate until you feel confident.

7. Avoid being the teacher, or instruction, do not hold any belief as unchangeable.

8. This is not a philosophy, that is you do not do it, you are wrong, it is just a way to freedom, and contentment.

9. Buy things that are used daily, and do not replace for fashion reasons.

10. Things that lead to higher status should be questioned, and avoided.

11. Travel or move about by the least expensive way, this requires the body to exercise, and good health is a priority above money, or saving time.

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Andy Lee Graham

Video below on minimalist lifestyle of Andy.

Andy has the "Ask Andy Show," you can watch on Youtube,

 Andy has the "Ask Andy Show," you can watch on Youtube,

Minimalist Lifestyle

I, Andy Lee Graham at age 15 internalized a way of thinking, and living after reading Walden a book by Henry David Thereau, I be, accidental minimalist.

Minimalist Versus High Status Lifestyle - Minimalist Lifestyle

The minimalist lifestyle is opposite of the high status lifestyle the minimalist feels seeking status to be irrelevant, needing utility value.

Andy has the "Ask Andy Show," you can watch on Youtube,

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