Maps for World Travelers

How do you find good maps on-line of the world, then how do you zoom into the specific city, then how do you get a map of the city you want to visit on your trip?

If you live in the USA people use, GPS, and often do not need to look at a map, just obey GPS. I travel the world, therefore it is common to use:

The truth is Google Maps is doing great for the developed world, however when a person needs a map to small city in Haiti or Lome, Togo, Google Maps is still not good enough. This is why I recommend you carry a guidebook for the city maps, and there are only three truly acceptable guidebooks for world travel.

Any other guidebook and you Travel Budget will double or triple, if you obey the guidebook.

Not Obeying Maps or Not Obeying Travelers

Online Maps: Many listed below

Offline Maps:

1. Encarta Encyclopedia is my choice for offline maps.

2. I use this World Political Map often, it is PDF, and I can use offline.

I am an Adventure Traveler, this means the city maps are not on Google Maps or in one of the Guidebooks, just some dot on the map, and truthfully at this level of travel we say goodbye to the Internet. This is when I use Encarta Encyclopedia Offline Maps, you need to go to Best Buys and buy the Encyclopedia Encarta on DVD's to use them. And generally, I check these before Google, because it is faster.

City Maps? How to find city maps when the city is not in the guidebook or on good maps?

1. Search on Google for the name of the city: ----  Click on Images   

2. Oops, I need the word Maps, so I add

3. Maybe there is still not any maps, then what?

Search for Hotels in -

4. Now is when you have to think and empathized, they do not speak English in Togo, they speak French as language of business.

Go to Google Translate and Translate       

5. Search for the correct words in the correct language ---  Cartes Atakpame Hôtel Togo

6. Search in Images of Google

7. Scroll through the images, you may have to go 100's down, and you will not have to add words, or subtract words, maybe you add the word Blog to find Travelers in the country.

The goals at the end it to think like the person or culture that would have made a map.

Good Luck,

Andy Graham of Travel Blog

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