50-70 Percent Of Foreigners Who Live Abroad in Sosua Domincan Republic Smoke Cigarettes, the USA Average Is 21 Percent What Does This Tell Us? Live Abroad

Smoking Cigarrettes abroad

I asked the dentist yesterday,
"What percentage of foreigners who live abroad smoke cigarettes?"

With a grumpy laugh, she said
"70 percent or more."

The CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says, 20.6 percent of American smoke cigarettes. 

She is probably including all cultures or countries, for example, this place is about 30 percent German, and maybe 10 percent Eastern Europe. However, the bottom line, it feels as though there is double, if not triple the number of cigarette smokers here in living in this expat community.

Do your friends smoke? Do you care?

What does smoking tell about people who live abroad?

I am searching for indirect ways of defining the personality of expat communities it is difficult to explain. Trying to find a way to help guide people to place they would enjoy. If we know the types of people who live abroad, we may be make better choices on the cities, and countries to live abroad.

However, this community would be best described as a New York City type person, but also a smoker.

Sosua, Dominican Republic is an extreme adult community, not the place for children under about any condition, it is different to live abroad in Sosua, or live as a tourist.


Expats who live abroad smoke more than normal citizens of the USA.

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