West Africa Children

Togo Children Photo

Togo Children Photo
Kametonou Togo West Africa

Togo Children diligently helping their mother do the laundry in the river.

There is a small river that creates the border between Ghana and Togo. On the Togo side these children are helping their mothers to do their laundry in the shallows of the river. It was if, they shrunk the children from adult to small size.

While the children are washing clothes, they are often trying to decide if they should go and bath with the major group of children. Fun to watch as they continually jump in and out of the water, trying to be small adults and finish the laundry, yet at the same time be children and go play in the water.

This seems to be a daily ritual, the water is a playground for the children, it is cool, shaded, and a very small set of rapids creates a pleasant place for the life of this village.

The next day the owner of the rooms we rented did my laundry for free, somewhat as a Cadeau to me. I am learning, if I am to get a Cadeau or gift in return, this type of Cadeau is going to be laundry, or something they can give that does not normally cost money.

I was delighted to have my laundry done by a person that can do this better than me, and also know they rinsed it well. Water is always short in supply as they need to carry it from the collection points. There is plenty of water in South Togo, yet the carrying of water make them sticky on the use. They washed my clothes in the stream, thus plenty of water and the rising cycle was done well.

The rip me off prices of laundry in West Africa demands, I normally do my laundry myself. Actually the best way to have you laundry done is to count all your clothes, remember the number, and pay some local to do them, not the hotels if you care about a budget.

Girls will volunteer to do my laundry.

Togo Children Photo

Burkina Faso Girl

Burkina Faso Girl
This photo has been sitting in my photo blog box for weeks, this small girl was just too cute. I do wish they would not grow up. I think I took this in Oradura, Burkina Faso, between the city of Bobo and the Malie Border.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, October 16, 2007 Andy of china-marbles.info

I am at the mercy of the small children of the planet, they just can do not wrong. It is interesting to observe, there is this nature - nurture thing and for sure, children learn to be creeps from their parents. They just start out happy, then take a left turn, when they should have went right. I know I am supposed to take photos of children suffering, I just did not see many, easier to find the happy ones in West Africa.

Tomorrow I cut all the outside pockets off my two new backpacks.

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Burkina Faso Girl

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