Beta Blog Forwards to Newsletters and Teasing Techie

Beta Blog Forwards to Newsletters
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, March 16, 2007

I am teasing with my techie from India, I am telling him,

- Forwards goes BETA. -

I am not sure what Beta means in technical terms, I do know how they mean or use it, I suppose it has something more than Greek Alphabet for reasoning behind it.

What is mean to me is this, we have something that works, we think is functioning, but we are going to start using it and testing it, it is in the Beta phase, need to test and watch, not perfect.

What is happening is this, I like to receive newsletters by emails, I really think more people read the blog by email than this new RSS or ATOM reader system, I think they just add and disregard, adding hundreds of reads into these systems and forget. It is very hard to forget an email, I must delete a newsletter that comes by emails, so there is a reaction. This must be some type of Marketing 101 class, passive versus active participation.

I cannot use RSS Feeds or Atom and find them extremely difficult to use from internet cafes and others ways, requiring way too much effort and time. I can download emails and take home, read in my room.

We have made a forwards system, I send ONE email and it goes now to three separate newsletters serving system, it will start to activate tomorrow.

This means or the bottom line is a person can choose a few more ways to read the blog. A long time ago we added the Yahoogroups.com feature, about a year ago, I started sending also to Googlegroups.com. A few days ago, I signed up with a long-term helper to china-marbles.info and an original sender of newsletters Topica.com.

A reader can choose as they wish:




Now, I guess I can sign up for the MSN newsletters sending version and any others I can figure out that allows me to post by sending with an email.

Beta Blog Forwards to Newsletters

Making Photo Exposé of Hotel

Making Photo Exposé of Hotel
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How to make for me.

I have made a list of photos to take of a hotels, it is an annoying list of photos, and quite a bit of work.

I think though, if I took all these photos, I will have collected easily all the information about a hotel that I would need to explain briefly. More than what a guidebook gives, but really probably about the same as a guidebook collects, but cannot give because the price of paper is high to print a guidebook of 10,000 pages for every country.

Collect printed advertising for Hotel
Common room with Television
Reception desk or check in counter
Television in Common area to view

Business Card Collected for Hotel
Landmark - Something large, like the bar name next door.
MAP - Travelers Nest
Map or graphics with directions to Hotel
Street Sign

Kitchen free to be used by guest
Restaurant or Bar Attached to Hotel

Laundry Service and Prices

Prices posted on wall for rooms
Receipt for payment of room for the night
Receipt for payment when they only write in the book and do not give a receipt

All Signs on Hotel
Bums or Annoying people in the area
Down the road to right that includes the Hotel
Entrance to Hotel
GPS Coordinates take a photo of the GPS
Sign of Hotel name on front of building
The back that includes the Hotel
The complete Hotel from the front
Address on front of building or the whole building in one photo
Down the road to left that includes the Hotel

Best Value for a room in the Hotel
Door Locks
Examples of all Services
Fitted sheets
Heating and Cooling
Locks on doors
Mattress without the sheet
Pillow with the cover off
Toilets and showers

Person that cleans my room

Photos Miscellaneous

I am working on the site,

I think I will have a few hotels I recommend, but keyed in on the manager and the price,, if they change, the recommendation ends.

What does expose mean?
- declaration of facts: a formal and systematic statement giving facts about something

Yes, good, I used the word correct, then wanted to check if I was sure I used it correct.

It is not easy to collect information on hotel, it take a lot of time, and invariably something is forgot, this photo list is a checklist or tick list to make sure all information is recorded, notes are fallible.

Making Photo Exposé of Hotel

5 Page Wonder Hotel Page

5 Page Wonder Hotel Page
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hmm… maybe not the correct name for what I am doing today. I am getting serious about recommendation of Hotels. However, more serious is my desire to make the perfect hotel site. This is NOT correct, it is not a Hotel site, it is a site where there is going to be a list of every place on the planet where I could sleep short term, whether free or paid, just where can a person sleep when traveling.

The big hotels are easy, it is explaining my favorite type of accommodations, the small bed and breakfast type, family run, mom and pop and that just sits there and hopes someone comes to visit.

Webmaster, I am not sure that is the correct name, however a person who you or say the Hilton Hotel would hire to make an internet site often, normally makes what I call a,
- 5 Page Wonder -

I am being cynical and ornery, not very complimentary and probably insulting, that is ok, I mean it, paying good money to pay the majority of internet so-called webmaster is nuts.

Today, I am trying to make a 5 Page Wonder, but I am not making a 5 Page Wonder page. I am making a yet to be determined number of pages about Lodging Brochure Page template.

People get hung up on words, I use the word Hotel to mean anywhere I am sleeping. I would go back to the camp site and say, I am going back to the hotel. I more often say,
- I am going home. -

I am going to recommend the Auberge Mandela here in Kpalime. This recommendation is conditional.

I recommend this Auberge or a place to sleep if and only if.

1. Price is still 3000 CFA per night for a room. I am not sure if one or two people… hehehe, I need to research, this is the nature of making a page, not easy to collect the answers to many questions.

2. This is the management staff.

April 2007

IF this man is working as the main manager of the Auberge Mandela in Kpalime, Togo I will recommend the Auberge Mandela. April 2007

IF this man by the name of Mawuli is his sidekick is also working, I will recommend this Hotel in Kpalime, Togo. April 2007

This 19 year old kid is a good kid and I think he has mastered the art of doing nothing, a long and established art in West Africa. Say, Girl Watching to him, as I am teaching, he is also working on Girl Flirting and Girl Chattting.

April 2007 - I think there must be a time element, a time stamp.

IF the prices of room are 3000 CFA then I recommend, it the price is 4000 and 5000 I would say, still ok, but when you start to go for 5000 try to decide if you want Air Conditioning, because around 5000 in Kpalime and you can get AC.

Note that this is an example of how I will slowly start to recommend hotels. I will connect or do something with labels and a person can click a label link (look to your right if reading blog online.) starting with the word - Togo - and saying more less something about hotels. I need to think. There is also a need to only have one subject, not mix up the blog and confuse the readers who annoying only care about finding a hotel.

Hmm what is the name of the manager?

I will need to figure out his name of the main manager, not as easy as you think. I have to go and ask, then I have to say, please write it down, then it goes on and on. I need to ask, is this your full name, etc. Then he gets paranoid, starts to hedge, changes the subject, and I am having trouble trying to help him. Now on the other hand, if I say, I am doing this and that, trying to write a page about your hotel, my quality of life drops through the floor and the whole experience and my collection of information become subject to questions. Did they treat me nicer because I am doing this page or worst, or did they not even understand, not understanding is normal.. Hehehe

I have compiled about 1500 to 1700 questions so far about hotels, and suppose this will easily plateau around 5000 and then slowly go up to about 20,000 or 50,000 questions.

The list of simple questions for example,
- Does the toilet have a mirror inside? -

Then, is the mirror broken?

What are making is a very extensive fill in the blanks questionaire that allows an owner to learn what they have for lodging and also helps to make a page.

The idea is this, the person first signs up, gets a username and password and names the hotel. This creates a link.

They log in and fill out the short version page, attach some photos, the page start to come up to be a page. The link is continually sent to the person so they have a link in their email box, and can easily forward or what not.

This is where an owner can hopefully decide to get very serious about explaining their hotel. We will maybe call this person the Accommodation Business Representative, the person that is talking for the hotel… or rooms, maybe they sleep in airports.

This page can be made by owner or a paid blogger of Hobo, or would make for the Hotel, data entry people could enter the names and addresses of hotels to start the names.

Today, I am making an example page, and hoping to make a page with limitations of questions, the short version, yet not missing any essential questions a person who want to come to the Mandela would wish to know.

I have been thinking for a long time, and one of the variances of me and other tourist is that I actually try to live at an accommodation and my priorities are more sharpened and aware of what I need. For example, if I moved to one of the farther hotels, say the Beau Reve, I would need to walk to the main road and hope a small motorcycle taxi would take me to the Market. I instead think the hassle of negotiations and motos is onerous, I do not wish to spend 1 hour of my day in transportation mode.

Strange and I have been trying to surmise why this does not bother most travelers, and I think it is because they want to stay busy, and the experience of being on a moto is exciting. If they change cities every two day, this moto excitement and arranging the moto is part of the journey and they enjoy the stimulation. The farther I am away from the city as a sole person or independent traveler the more dangerous it becomes though, I have a computer, portable phone, camera and the cell phne is an item they want to steal for sure here in Togo. I do not get easily confused on my priorities.

The bundle of services, I call the Travelers Nest, where the hotel is located in reference to Internet Café, Restaurants, Market, Transportation and importantly tourist attractions is my home.

Amazingly in the world, the most expensive hotels are in the worst locations, sometimes for privacy issue here in Africa as about 70-90 percent of the clients are using the hotels as love hotel for their lovers and mistresses. (In huge cities, the expensive are in the best, to spend money.)

Parking causes the African guide writers to not empathize clearly and simply with the true backpackers who are traveling by public transportation. If a person has a car and is writing a guide, I want to know, they was driving a car, there needs to be a distinction, do I need a car to live in this hotel.

I consider this mix of questions difficult to pare down, the guidebooks normally are written for people going by bus in the world. However, it is quite obvious the majority of guidebook writers in Africa are driving a 4-wheel drive, and they also talk about camping, because when you have a car, the idea is to camp to save money because they can carry camping gear, they have a lot of hauling ability. Nobody in South America talks about Camping, rare and hard to discover.

Living in an Africa hotel is so expensive that the cheapest place to live is in a camp site. I do think there is ONE properly priced hotel though in all cities.
This is camping thing is like the USA or Europe. I am trying to think if I know of one campsite in Southeast Asia.

I am pounding away at this project, I have this database, that I sort, search, and try to categorize. I wish to give a rating that would say how likely this place is a good place for me, Andy who wants to live at a place. I have devised a sneaky system that makes the person tell me about the property, yet is not obvious how or why I am asking the questions. For example, I like to have a small bar on the property, that does not play music, however this bar has to be off to the side, or on the ocean and not the place right outside my room. Most people would consider a restaurant in the hotel and advantage, I consider a breakfast an advantage, and the other parts of a restaurant an annoyance. Now, in a business hotel, room service is needed as we are working, for a tourist it may be nice, for a person who is on a budget that say, I am eating at the same cost as locals, it could be an annoyance.

I was offered a salad something the other day for 1200 CFA, the same as I can get in the Cafeteria restaurant area for 500 and I know there they sell enough to be fresh and here, they never sell.

If I am the only person that eats in the restaurant, I am worried about the food being bad. I want a busy restaurant, and preferably street food where I am watching them cook it, I also like to look at the cooks clothe, finger, and inspect the person who cooks my food.

Later in Day, I am randomly taking photos and completion is soon, I am having problems with the room photos as I am living in the room and my junk is everywhere, hard to take photos of the room.

5 Page Wonder Hotel Page

Hotel Recommendations Stress

Hotel Recommendations Stress
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I have been having a good laugh at myself, I also think about how naïve I have been over the years about hotels. china-marbles.info is not a guide that recommends hotels and restaurants; it is more or less a site that helps guide on how to travel.

Hobohideout.com will recommend rooms.
Hoboguide.com will recommend rooms.

This whole recommendation thing has come full circle; my brain is finally becoming the master of the idea.

I am a master at real estate. I am a master at search engine optimization on the internet and architectural design. I am not a master at writing.

I am mastering the art of room recommendations, without taking the easy route and recommending something I do not believe is the good choice.

The guidebooks do a very good job within the limitations that they have. They write on paper, and they cannot edit always as the internet can, it is a guide that need to last about 6 years on the shelf and passed down to friends. This is not a webpage; a webpage can be edited on the fly, however not as easy as I am explaining.

Most Hotel sites go for the expensive, nobody will ever complain about hotels to recommend, they paid too much, and it would be an admission they made a stupid choice if they complain. Therefore, they will not complain. Funny how this is, the price will keep the reputation good, because nobody will admit; I paid 300 dollars per night and hated the place.

Like admitting, I lost 10,000 on the stock market, like saying to your friend, I a make bad investments, because I am stupid.

Well, the good of the internet is also the bad. If I recommend a hotel without thinking, a reader can go there, spend a lot of money, and then write me hate mail, as if I forced them to go. I am reachable.

I had a man go to a Hotel in Quito, Ecuador; he has traveled a lot in Thailand. He wrote later saying the hotel was exactly what I said, He was thinking there was writing between the lines and it was some type of boom boom Thailand hotel, it was just a great family hotel, not the same now, they have remodeled, the manager is not managing, the mother has taken over and the whole neighborhood has been invaded… aagh the world changes.

The mastery of a trade is when you reach a point whereby you can choose the proper words to explain it, with real estate; I can explain the value of property and explain why it will resell easy.

With an internet page, I can explain what makes the search engines happy; this is a very complicated set of variables.

How to recommend hotels is also a problem, the guidebooks must recommend a hotel that stays in business, or they will be sending people to hotels and they will get angry. The also have to deal with the insanely naïve, who need to have nothing change, because they cannot change the paper of the guide. Here in Africa, they need to recommend the hotel with car parking, I believe this because as best I can tell the buyers of guidebooks have cars here in Africa.

Fun stuff learning how to master a trade, how to know you are getting good at it, I am getting comfortable with this recommendation thing, therefore I know I am getting better.

I will sit and tell a person to buy a 500,000-dollar piece of commercial real estate and not flinch.

I can tell a person their website is junk with no problem.

Telling a person to stay in a hotel in Africa still is making me nervous; however, I am learning the variables. It is fun to think, what is the essential ingredients that makes a good value for a person, and then explain them in easy to understand words.

This is the problem, the bundle of joys is not easy, and the bundle of what makes a person happy is not easy. For sure, the majority of travelers are drinking in Africa and banging away if they are French, this is not me, on the other hand I do understand drinking more than most and have master the trade of drinking, I am an expert, in remission… hehehe (I am a recovering alcoholic.)

Ok, back to business, fun and games, because we have a webpage, I can recommend a hotel that could go out of business, could radically change and still stay safe. The guidebooks get wish washy and do not help me when I get to a hotel and because it is in the guidebook, the hotel has greatly increased the price and the hotel if full of gap girls.
(Note the best hotel is normally the new one, just started and trying to get business.)

I am safe in saying gap girls; they are not in Africa… hehehe

Pick on the group that is not reading, there must be something there in the mastery of writing.

I am doing conditional recommendations of Hotels or Rooms, if the main management staff is the same, and the price is this, I am giving a recommendation. I then suppose as I learn how to so this, we need to supply a way to make comments, and then hope to stop the othere hotels from lying and getting on the site and saying the hotel has changed. Hotels lie at a tremendous level, there is very little truth in advertising when you leave the USA.

Do not worry I make joke, (Note, I know that is bad English. I am talking African or Asia English.) I am not stressed on the recommendation thing, my mastery of dysfunctional thinking has me 100 percent convinced you are responsible for your decisions and better yet, I am 100 percent responsible for my decisions. When a person really goes after a guidebook hotel recommendation, I know they are dysfunctional and take no responsibility for their own decisions.

I for some reason write in riddles naturally, sort of annoying to myself, probably could be dysfunctional inherent behavior, very curious thing to do.

Hotel Recommendations Stress

I Am Perfect Syndrome

I Am Perfect Syndrome
Badou, Togo West Africa
Saturday, May 5, 2007

A person brings a family heirloom with them traveling, the ring given to them by their grandmother and they lose it.

They buy 3000 dollars worth of gear and the backpack is stolen.

They trust some Italian guys who are fellow travelers and the steal your Ipod. Thanks Craig for that information.

A person has a man, women, somebody they have never met in their live copy photos taken from 10 countries, from a camera to a CD Rom.
1. The CD Rom is broken.
2. The CD Rom is corrupted or has a problem.
3. The man or women does not copy, and before they check the CD Rom, they delete the photos.

I am perfect syndrome, 100 percent guarantees you will lose items, forget, make errors, and you will deny it, because you do not want people to know you are human, you are not perfect.

I was laughing my butt off, as I read,
- Transportation Security Administration has lost a computer hard drive containing Social Security numbers, bank data and payroll information for about 100,000 employees. -

People have this really stupid, insane, and utterly ridiculous notion, idea and belief they never make a mistake. Then in their utter stupidity they carry around all the most valuable information on the planet on a laptop computer.

I am perfect.

People want me to buy gear, I think, why, so I can break it or lose it, I buy gear I know I am willing to lose, break, or leave in the room. Everything I carry is junk, I am ready to junk all of it, if it gets in the way of my day or enjoying the day, it is junk to make my life better, not junk to make my life miserable. I protect my junk, I care for my junk, but if it annoys me, I prove to it, it is junk, and I junk it.

I have a laptop, there is nothing on it, that is not somewhere else, or backed up, and then we have some dingaling with a suit on, who goes around carrying 100,000 peoples information on a computer or somewhere.

Transportation Security Administration
Is that word Security…?

I am not angry at the person, I think he or she who lost this is normal, they just cannot be trusted, nobody can be trusted with information anymore, it is too complicated for the average suit to understand.

I have lost 11 umbrella or broke 11, I am ready to buy number 12, the one I have is broke, accidents with umbrellas is 100 percent guaranteed in life.

There is no umbrella policy, it is a shell game.

I continually have people want me to agree with their decision making abilities, I could disagree with them 99 in 100 times and be safe. The older I get, the more I know, the better I know me, and you, and the world. The more I am positive, I am just a monkey that got out of my cage. You are just abbig monkey who reads, logic, common sense, and good redundant policies are 1 in 1000, a person 1 in 1000, the rest are monkeys wearing suits.

We all think or believe we are better, I get really angry to hear someone say to me, this person doe not speak English, or they cannot write, the do not know how to read. There is no correlation between reading and brains, it is just something a lucky person learns to do, or unlucky.

One of the smartest business men I ever met, a client of mine, could not read. He would call me up and pay me 50 dollars to come to his office and read a letter, explain it, and discuss it.

He said, why don’t you treat me like others, why does it not make you think I am stupid to not read. I said, anybody that can pay me 50 dollars per hour to read a letter of no importance, and have the ability to earn this much money so easily is stupid, you are obviously brilliant.

He accepted he was not perfect, and made a few million.

Up there with saying President Bush is stupid, I say, you may not like him, think he makes bad decisions, but nobody stupid gets to be the ruler of the free world.

One of the biggest reasons why a blogger lies is because they will not admit they are not perfect. Anything that sounds too good, it too sharp, it to clear, I get nervous, what is the problem, who are they trying to fool, I know I am not perfect, people do things perfect when the want to sell me something or to believe their lies.

I am perfect, I am perfect, I am perfect!

If you believe that, you will walk around with a computer full of 100,000 people personal information. Or it the truth, you think I am not perfect, but your trust yourself, I look for this in people, the person who knows the are correct when everyone else is wrong.

There is a fine line between confidence and being a monkey, I like to be a monkey.

My one friend told me some great advice,
He said,
- Andy, I tell women, I lie, I cheat, I drink, I smoke, and I run around with other women. -

- Then when they later tell me I am not perfect, I say to them, I told you that the day I met you. -

To expect perfection in people is to say they are God, I heard another saying, there is only one thing I know, there is a God, and it is not me.

I know one thing, I am on an endless vacation, and I lay money you are at work right now.

What is good advice, Togo, Webmaster,

I Am Perfect Syndrome

Who is the Keeper of Trends

Who is the Keeper of Trends
Lome Togo West Africa
Monday, June 11, 2007

Nothing matters and what if it did?

Maybe a life saving comment for me, and the concept that keeps me from being too serious, and right up there with Life is Good.

What matters in life, what is important in life, yes everything is important, and then I am not sure, I think 1000 years in the future a person could disagree.

I am involved in a business greatly influenced by trends, fashion and whim of the masses. I want to plan for the future, I these sites evolve and exist into the future.

I sometimes feel I need a person, maybe a job position.
- The Keeper of the Trends. -

Oh well, the more I think about it, the only person I know for this fuzzy logic position is myself. I am the person who predicts the future.

I have been reviewing all the ways of tagging, labeling, bookmarks, favorites, etc an other trendy toys. There seems to be no limits to the growth of these fuzzy type of filing or categories.

Nothing matters, and if it does matter, either way we continue on the path so I follow my feet

Who is the Keeper of Trends

Bodyguards and Secrets

Bodyguards and Secrets
Lome, Togo West Africa
Monday, June 18, 2007

I do not trust secrets and bodyguards to keep me safe, I do trust random behavior.

I know me, I tell, then you tell, then we have gossip and all sorts of fun things, it soon becomes Alices Restaurant.

I do not like secrets, too many secrets and I will call you,
- Dysfunctional. -

A Chat conversation between Boy Genius and me.

Secrecy is not Security

Andy: If they can find a way, they will find a way
Hobo Techie: Yes, but this is similar to open vs closed source
Hobo Techie: Both are at the same level
Andy: same level of what
Hobo Techie: Same level of being secure
Andy: yes
Hobo Techie: Open source is not more secure
Hobo Techie: Neither is the closed
Andy: So this is my point
Andy: Open is not secret
Andy: Closed source is secret
Andy: Closed is not safer
Andy: So why be secret

I want to buy a bodyguard.

I am pretending I am a Mafioso, maybe the Sopranos, however I have never seen the Mafia singers TV show, not enough to say I know.

How much to buy a bodyguard?
Ok Mr. Bodyguard, I would like to kill the body, hmm, I want to kill the body you are protecting. You have a choice, you sell me the body, or I kill you and the body, which you guard, maybe your wife, but I do not think you care, maybe the small child.

So, tell me a price, help me or we kill the both of you.

Hmm, the average person in your country makes 30 dollars per month, and you are making 60 dollars per month, therefore the going price to buy you is maybe five times your yearly wages, I think you can find a better job in five years.

Ok, we have decided.

60 dollars times 12 months is --- 720 U.S. Dollar
720 times 5 years is --- 3600 U.S. Dollars.

3600 U.S. Dollars and you live and the body dies.

Ok, thank you, a small price to guarantee that American does not get that Ten Million Dollar contract here in my country.

There is a price on your body, what is the price for your body?

I am more the hiding in plain site type of guy; I believe the best security is to not be worth anything, maybe a Hobo.

I remember in Iraq, getting an offer to ride in a Hummer from Arbil to Baghdad and I said,
- Are you nuts, you guy are targets, we will take the bus. -

We showed up randomly, got on the bus and left, then the only problem was the cell phones on the bus, one US made in Iraq translator made me nervous, I knew to buy him was cheap. I spent a lot of time talking with him and his wife and child, it I go, you go.

Maybe I should say, if you cannot stop them, help them as I would say in the permission to use photos on site… hehehe. I either give them permission or they steal photos, so I may as well help them and get some referrals.

Bodyguards, Secrets, Danger, Security, Togo, Webmaster,

Bodyguards and Secrets

HTML and the Old Days

HTML and the Old Days
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Saturday, October 13, 2007
By Andy of china-marbles.info

I have become lazy in the last couple of years; I think I have been in decompression from my first maybe eight years of travel. For the last two or so years, I have been resting on my HTML rewards, I earn money from my site.

HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language, I think, it is the code or language of a simple webpage, if you clicked on View a the top of your page, then on Source if you are on Windows Explorer as a browser you will see all this code. I call my worker in India a coder, because he plays with this code, so do I but I use Frontpage and all the WYSIWYG toys I can find, I have no desire to code. I do fix a lot of code and instruct in SEO code.

I am effective and efficient I have learned, now how amazing easy it is to make a page on a high-speed connection. I have almost never in my life had a real high speed connection in my room or home. I have been on this one WIFI connection in my hotel room, and life is too easy. I am used to making HOPE-they-are-perfect-pages, putting on a thumb drive, publishing in an internet café and hoping I did make a perfect page, most of the time I do not even check, no time, just on the fly pages.

Not the way to make a site free of errors, but I have no choice about 90 percent of the time, unless I suppose I want to get a room in the back or sleep on the floor like workers in Internet cafes, I make the choice, I have a life, I enjoy travel first, HTML toys second.

HTML, PHP, SQL, AJAX and a long list of Acronyms I try to not learn are used on the site, I try not to learn, because it is like this, do it, do not define it. I want my goal on the page accomplished, I am not sure of the path to the goal, and often I do not care. Plus, I do not enjoy talking geek, I enjoy making enough money to buy Chicken Fried Rice in abundance, and occasional ice cream cones. I would live in WIFI room always if I could find them where I wanted to live, not in some five star, pay to say you was there, boring not the country room.

I however am the cook; I taste the PHP, HTML and look at if from old school eyes of experience, ….
----- Hmmm Google.com is not going to like that, or this is good. -

I live, eat, and drink by a bible of rules I collect rules on how to make a page, all this is code and terms, and too many ideas for one small brain, for sure there is some fuzzy logic, hard to conceptualize, only a Betazoid with a mind meld to Google.com can make a good page. My guess is about 1 in 5,000 make more than 5 dollars per day on a page, and really the reason is simple, they do not work. That stops about 99 percent, then with the 1 percent who have the natural I speak HTML, then there is only a small percentage of them who have empathy with google.com, more or less what I normally hear is, this is the way it should be, and not accepting how it really is, they want google.com to accommodate them, and guess what, that does not happen, and I am glad, Google.com gives readers, NOT me, what they want, I have to give readers what they want, and then google.com is happy.

In the end, the ultimate secret is to type many words into a page, make it HTML simple, and follow some repetitive rules. I am baffled but the I hate my father groups, 99.9 percent of the planet just refuse to follow any rules and fail. NOTE- Flash dooms a site to failure.

Well, I am sitting around in this AC room, and reading all sorts of funky things, for example,
- Absolute links or Relative Links, what is better? -

I read a load of rules, then I suss out who is lying, then make my own decision and I do good, but google.com changes the rules, so they want to make it fun. I collect rules, the perform rules, and hope to convince boy genius in India to obey, and not make too clever pages in dynamic databases, that kills a bot dead.

I really hope nobody reads this page, but it is my collection of pivotal or essential rules page of china-marbles.info and all his sisters sites. A set of policies on how to make pages, maybe fun for the think-too-much HTML crowd. I am nostalgic today, I have been playing a lot with code, and I forgot I was good at it, code, not pretty pages, there is a big difference, and I am the boss of SEO, not the boss of Graphics.
Policy to Make Web Sites

The real truth is this, a simple made HTML pags is old days and the best for Google.com to read, all the toys, just is confusion for the bot or robot that reads my pages. OR does not read my pages, or reads and will not tell anyone.

Contact Andy

HTML and the Old Days

I Am an Annoyed Little Webmaster

I Am an Annoyed Little Webmaster
Where have I been for the last two or three year, out in the Jungle of Africa, I need to get to work. I am afraid, the money I need to travel the planet is in jeopardy, and nobody to blame but the big me. Used to be I had to guess, and use instincts to make a webpage, I have discovered all the rules of making a webpage are outlined on the net, and I have not read any of the rules for 2-3 years. Bad boy, very bad boy, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, October 14, 2007
By Andy of china-marbles.info

I make my living by typing words in a page, and hoping by what they call organic search, I am found by someone when searching in Google.com Ask.com, Msn, Yahoo.com etc and then someone is tempted to click on an advertisement, whereby I make small change, but enough to allow me to travel the planet. All is temptation play, no forcing the play in my ballpark.

There are rules to this trade, and I must obey, they constantly change the rules, and a person needs to adapt, and hope the page they designed 7 years ago still is in the game, and if not, change the site, bottom line, I must adapt, and maintain.

I found two absolutely lovely links on how to make pages in the last two days, that basically outlines the rules of the game. In the past, there was an extreme lack of clarity, and lucky for me, I designed the good site and won the first game.

Now I am in game two, second level internet, the big boys, from the next town are coming, the city kids, the farm boys, need to kick some tail and time to wake up and bail hay. I am early riser, about 4 to 5 AM in the morning, my Fathers Son and proud to be so, hard to beat me at getting them worms. I must however remember to the goal is to get worms.

The two pages are, and go figure, one was made by google.com.

They are making it easy, and I forgot to go read to the worm.

Next page, more nebulous, but is very clear.

Why do they not just put this food on the table for me, and spoon feed me, I know that content is not only the king, I must read, reading is the secret to making pages, look at one very specific aspect of my page, then go look for explanations to design. Find a collaboration, figure out who is clueless, avoid the forums and camaraderie, work not talk, and feel who is lying, and then make the best decision, and if you have good instincts, you win, but only about 1 in 500 because the 499 refuse to do this, read, they want to post, chat, or try to get famous, they will not read and work, and they just cannot implement.

I used to read about 20 newsletters per day on how to do this, and I un-subscribed because they filled up my box in Africa and made it impossible to read my essential family and friends emails. I am back in the game, I can feel the juice, I have the rush, I am a player again, I am going to the show.

IF you want to keep this boy in Africa, he must have cash, to rant, rave, and tell the world the truth. If you have a webpage of any type, do me a favor, link to this page link below here and I will be a happy boy. Sadly, nobody pays me to rant and rave, and thank God, I would then have to avoid them, I would not be able to tell the stark truth, every small favor in life has a string, and the paid travel writers who work for magazine, papers, and such, are tied up with a thousand strings, and cannot move without lying to keep their kidnappers happy. I am free, and will remain free, or I will go home, play in the corn of Indiana, and call it No Joy, back of Maverick, get above the ceiling.. Topgun…

This link, my new big boy toy, the show, do me a favor, make a link.

Label it:

Submit URL of Hotel and Make Free Webpage
I suppose the code below woud be helpful, in the source.

Submit URL of Hotel and Make Free Webpage

To the Show

I Am an Annoyed Little Webmaster

Flying Blind with Shame and Pride

Flying Blind with Shame and Pride
I live in the desert, I sens flash messages back to the world, and tell them of my progresses or failures. The world receives them, and I receive only one percent feedback of the quality of the missives. I am liked or carried by my writing, My unique perception of the world explained in a Jack Kerouac, absent-minded professor, lovable enough because everyone knows I am telling the truth. It would not be impossible to fake those truthful explanations in a posturing way. I really do get lost on the way to the store… then can explain how to go back to the store with pure clarity.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Saturday, October 20, 2007
Andy of china-marbles.info --- Promote Hotel

I have not looked at my own web site in seven years. I do not think I have ever seen my own web pages. When I am in the USA, at my parents home, where I can do this unlimited surfing, I am at the speed of slow dialup, and Verizon stops everything tehie from happening… just a pain in butt company for webpage publishing.

I have now looked at my own internet pages after being in the desert of the outside world for seven years.

Wow, what a bunch of crap, this thing is a disaster zone!

Then, I think… I have designed the architecture, the backend, the structure of this page, that works great, even with the worst of the worst layout, extra code, just pure chaos on the outside and sometimes on the inside. The SEO or Search Engine Optimization is so good, that I got about 7000 unique visitors on the page yesterdya, and used to get from10 to 15,000 unique with the same ugly look, but perfect SEO Architecture. Google.com is changing their rules so I need to work to play by their rules, I am glad they change the rules, they make their users happy, not me.

It is amazing I make one penny, and I am making a hundred.

Now, that I am looking at my naked site, I am going to clean it while I am on this fast connection for the first time in seven years. I have been making pages 99 percent blind, I just publish them and hope they are ok, because my in the desert, in the too slow, flash send to the world published pages from some of the worst internet cafes on the planet. I did have the ability to check what I sent. I have checked now… wow…

Google.com likes my site, but they have a limit of overlooking some code problems and such, they are now saying, by way of slower traffic,
- Andy, time to fix them there pages, and enter the new world of high speed MTV, get a life, talk on two cell phone web pages. -

It is a challenge, not as big as you think, really just a lot of work, but I am having fun playing the Google.com algorithm search engine change the rules on the fly game.

A web site is not about today, I must design a site that is appreciated by Google.com or the next big boy on the block 3-5 years from now.

This is the art, to predict the what the future of the interne is, I am betting my instincts, opinions and all my work that I am right, I have been winning tremendously.

Now, the fun part, I can make this new toy, HoboHideOut.com and not repeat the many errors of china-marbles.info. It is amazing to myself, how much traffic I have, carried solely on a great architectural web design, this is my pride.

Nevertheless, the truth is, the King has had no clothes for years, and nobody explained clearly this to him… Your site is a mess!. Now, I have a mirror, and I can see, wow, this site is damaged goods. However, a good backend, code, behind the ugly face, sort of the soul is good, but the face is ugly. I am lucky to have a good soul.

Note, I have never been able to put the whole site in my Microsoft Front Page program because the RAM was too low in my prior or old computers. I am actually on the same page, life is too easy in these modern times with a better computer, designatd server, etc.

or maybe Contact Andy

Flying Blind with Shame and Pride

A Web Site Dream or Nightmare Aaagh

A Web Site Dream or Nightmare
Moxxxx Faaaa
Axxxxx hole
Expletive Deletives,

My site went down two times yesterday! Aaagh… I do my job, I want the world to handle it when a person does beyond what they anticipated. I am in between two worlds; I sat in back of the class and played chess with the nerds, then went to American Football practice and was a middle linebacker.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Thursday, October 25, 2007
Andy of china-marbles.info --- Free Hotel Webpages

china-marbles.info is now on a designate server, and it went down two times yesterday. Something about a limit on Apache of a number, the Hosting tech wanted to raise it to 150; I said max it at 255. I want no human limits put on me, not by made by one human as to what I am capable of.....

The nightmare of a big site, lots of traffic, hosting companies do not host big sites, they plan on failure of sites, not on what they sell, unlimited traffic, unlimited this, unlimited that, blah blah blah… Please I read the ad and said, ok I pay.

I am in great fear of having explosive traffic, and my site will crash. The hosting techs just are not trained to deal with huge traffic.

I have the best problem in the world, like having the IRS knocking on my door and wanting more money because I make too much money. Too much traffic is not a problem it is an obstacle, and a great way to have a Hosting Tech hear a Big Ape Roar.

Nevertheless, in the end, I do not like the embarrassment of trying to explain all the reasons when the site is down. The explanations do not suffice, when some old guy in Florida wants to get his daily dose of world travel, I want to say, read on.

or maybe Contact Andy

A Web Site Dream or Nightmare Aaagh

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