Visa or Entry Stamp

Planning Trip to Africa

Planning Trip to Africa

Visa problems...
I want to know where every Embassy or Consulate in the world is for the country of Sao Tome?

I am planning a trip to Africa, as of today I wish to enter Nairobi, Kenya and go by land to Gabon and so forth.

Visa sites are annoying as they assume you are in your native country, for me this is the USA, however, I am not in the USA, therefore the Visa perspective changes.

I need a website that tells me... for example:

I need the location of all Sao Tome Embassies or Consulates in other countries, so maybe if I am close to one, I can go, but this scenario exist for all the countries. I am not interested in where they are located in the USA, I want to know in other countries.

Planning Trip to Africa
Pokjara, Nepal Asia
Monday, February 5, 2007

This is one of my Top 10 Travel Sites of 2006 pages, not sure of the priority or number. I am sussing out the criteria better this year and realized when I said, this list of for the true travelers and not for tourist; I knew this page must be included.

I think there are at least 312 x 312 needed pages to cover the Visa, Passport, Entry Visa, and Tourist Card and in the end, the question is, what do I need to do to get permission to enter a country.

97,344 combinations with a guess of 312 countries, enclaves, islands and autonomous regions.

Therefore, if you are from Ethiopia and you want to go to Chile, which is one combination question. The answers would change by the minute.

Now, does not give that specific of help, but I think it is as close as I have seen on any site. It will tell you

Embassies in the country, as an example, maybe the USA, England, and Germany have an Embassy, Consulate, or something that issues visas, maybe in the country.

Embassies abroad or where does the USA have Embassies, which countries does Ethiopia have Embassies in?

This person that made the site, I think from Denmark, has an extreme capacity for detail and organization, just a remarkable collection of information.

A little hard to find, but nonetheless a true guru type site, a bookmark, write down, never forget the link address when you travel site.

Knowing all the rules of entering a country is not easy, a rule of thumb, if they let you on the plane, you probably have a good chance of entering… hehehe

At the border, as Stellan my Swede friend riding a bike around Africa said, if you wait long enough, they will let you in, change of shift, etc.

Contrary to anything you think, most countries want you to enter, and will find a way to allow you to enter.

I do encourage this person to make a PDA version of this or computer version so I can download and use when I do not have internet access.

As a note, most Travel Agents has some computer way to show you whether you can enter a country, but beware, travel agents have to me a 50/50 success rate. Either they lie, or they do not know how to use, so you need to get collaboration.

Three down, seven to go.

Getting a Ghana Visa in Delhi

Getting a Ghana Visa in Delhi
Delhi, India Asia
February 12, 2007

I am in Delhi, and ready go leave... soon.

I went to the Ghana Embassy to try to get a Visa in the two days I am in India. As it stands now I am not going to apply for a Ghana Visa in India for a few reasons. The requirements here in India are more complicated than the ones in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and I do not want to comply.

1. I must book a hotel in Ghana, or get an invitation. The invitation is more or lees crap and I am not going to get a reservation in Ghana or use my credit card online to book rooms in Africa.

2. I need to present a ticket and an onward ticket.

3. Letter of why I am going to Ghana.

4. As normal for India, they will not be on time or say how long the visa will take, maybe they will give me the Visa... ? (I cannot risk giving my passport I need to fly with tomorrow night to the India culture, or the Ghana culture managed by the India culture.)

I do not wish to fake documents or lie, it is annoying as Embassies do not create realistic requirements that make common sense. I do understand if they are making exceptionally strong requirements for India people, but I am American, not Indian.

I do not understand why countries do not copy the successful countries for tourism like Thailand and make life easy.

I believe all these requirement say to me, either fly into Abidjan or Togo and forget Ghana. I will probably fly to Togo.

I am supposed to be able to get a 7 day on landing visa in Togo, then get a longer Visa inside the country. I need to double check.

When applying for a Visa, a person deals first with the culture of the country, then with the culture of the Embassy of the culture.

Getting a Ghana Visa in Delhi

Why to Get Ghana Visa in Delhi

Why to Get Ghana Visa in Delhi

I received an email from somebody in Ghana, it was interesting and as normal when they are being angry, anonymous... hehehe

Good morning,
I'm quite amazed at your response! what nationality are you?
And aside from your nationality, what would be your purpose of
visiting Ghana?
With your attitude, you need to stay in your own country, definitely
if you cannot follow or adhere to our backward and thieving offices,
laws etc......
Do you know the requirements Ghanaians need to leave this country and
go abroad, i mean the flipping British high commission wants us to
apply for visa's six months in advance, Americans allow people to cue
for hours like slaves, and in one or two instances people have
actually died in that line, waiting to go in for a visa and go to
useless foreign lands! And you want a visa in two days! Pratt's the
most appropriate word i can come up with, like wise are the Ghanaians
who give stupid foreign embassies and high commissions the right to
treat them like cattle! And your entire attitude about the way we are,
not everyone's a thief you know? And quite frankly if that's the way
you feel, i suggest you stay away!
Realistic requirements, come checkout what your flipping country
requires of Ghanaians before you sit and judge!
Why shouldn't you state your reason for visiting, or why do you think
you should be exempt from these requirements! These are worldwide
immigration requirements, who are you to say otherwise! Don't judge
someone else's till you know what yours is up to! and what are you in
such a hurry to come and do here anyway. . . this is how we usually
end up with drug dealers, pedophiles, etc because no one actually
checked they had the right ties here or documentation! Please do not
even head to Togo, all their head offices are in Ghana. . . . go home
you flipping HOBO!

The bloody cheek of it. . . . . laws and rules apply world wide, abide
or keep striding to your own dXXX land!
Thank you!
An angry Ghanaian national!


To quote myself:
When applying for a Visa, a person deals first with the culture of the country, then with the culture of the Embassy of the culture.

I never got near a Ghana person, and it is really annoying to go to a USA Embassy and never find an American.

India culture is a pain in the butt and full of mazes or problem. I applied for a Ghana Visa with Ghana people while in Abidjan and it was easy, fast and wonderful. However, the one in India was too much.

This is the issue.
If they had the Visa on arrival like Thailand, then more money would come into Ghana, and the world would not think so primitive. I have been there, it is nice.

The corruption in Africa is the problem and the reason for the long lines to go to the USA, UK and Australia.

I was frustrated, I wanted a path between Bangkok to Mumbai to Ghana to exist, and India is stopping this path for BACKPACKERS. Now, I will need to go Bangkok, Dubai, Ghana, IF there is a Ghana Embassy in Dubai.

Ivory Coast is easy for the USA, but for all others a pain, but the Visa Entente is sort of ok. I will FLY INTO TOGO and skip Ghana. Ghana is nice compared to Nigeria... hehehe

You as a GHANA person should be angry with your government, it is the reason nobody can get a Visa to the USA or UK, or anywhere, then the people are also corrupt to boot.

I am trying to find an easy path to enter Africa. The Africans have made entry into Africa so difficult, every traveler goes either to Asia or South America, Central American anywhere but Africa. I do not blame them, Africa makes life difficult, the cost of Airlines is crazy, the Visa Applications are difficult

Tell me the truth, is there a big danger from modern countries...NO.. this is ridiculous, there is a problem with Ghana people being let out of the country. They never go home. However, Americans, UK, etc, do not go to Ghana and live illegally, they want to leave.

So, learn, if you want the money to come in, you have to make it easy for the money to come in...

Whether I go to a country or do not go to a country is not a big deal, I go to countries that makes life easy. I travel for fun, you are angry because you want to escape, this is not the same.

Funny angry because we loaded them up to go the USA as slave, now they are angry because we will not load them up and take them again.

Why do I want a visa in Delhi, so people can enter Africa easily, this door is too tough and closed. I am not looking at Togo and Ivory Coast as better entries to Africa.

Why to Get Ghana Visa in Delhi

Visa to Ghana Embassy in Togo

Visa to Ghana Embassy in Togo
Lome Togo West Africa
Thursday, May 31, 2007

I went to the Ghana Embassy at 8:00 am when it opened, received a Visa to Ghana the next at 10:00 am. It is relatively easy, 12,000 CFA or about 25 US dollars for 30 days.

It was fun; I paid 400 CFA for a Motorcycle Taxi from the Hotel to the Ghana, Embassy. I am finally deciding, the most I have paid in Lome for a moto in the city is 600 CFA and the normal is fee 200 CFA providing I never ask the price before I get on the moto.

I needed four photos and one man had problems because of having a smaller photo, I am not sure, I was lucky to have two sizes of photos, I am carrying a lot of photos, however now I need a bigger size also to carry.

I took along an Hotel address to stay in Ghana, or the address of at Hotel, I am not sure, I think they needed it, but hard to say, I am not clear. I know the last time I entered, they needed a Hotel name and Address.

This was painless and interesting, some man from Australia, not too well dressed, wearing sunglasses or hanging his sunglasses on the back of his neck filled out the application in Green Ink. The one man came out and hollered at him, I gave him my black pen and thought; you do seem like a Green Ink type of person. The young man argued with the official man and I also thought, this is a great way to wait for a Visa for weeks.

The Sunglasses man was a volunteer, and I think every other white person in the room was a volunteer; we had time to talk because the made us wait for unknown reasons from about 8:00 am to 9:20 am when a man appeared.

I will never forget his words,
- No Visas today, I am already too tired. -

When I make an application for a Visa, I always allow close to five days of play time, I have discovered anywhere on the planet the application for a visa is a lottery on how the rules are enforced. If you are willing to wait, they will figure out how to give you a Visa.

I have three months to enter Ghana, after that, the Visa expires.

I repeated the too tired already to another person later and he said,
- Oh, he is not too tired, he is waiting to hear, I need it today. -
Then the man did this little hand gesture, I think it is the universal way of saying how to give a tip to the man. He did a twist of his hand, then goes submarine under the table.

I do not know, the man did look tired, the day before was a Fete or Holiday, this was the first day after a long holiday weekend, and for sure the man looked like he was dragging. I did not expect to get a visa the same day, so for me it was irrelevant. I truly believe a person should never plan to get a Visa in less than five days or they will be in a world of trouble. I never expect an rules or guidelines of an embassy to be obeyed, followed or to be professional, I am talking about all embassies on the planet, including the USA.

The Togo, Embassy to Ghana was nothing like the Ghana Embassy in Delhi, it was obvious here they were issuing Visas on a regular basis, and they were going to issue Visas. The Delhi, India Embassy serving the India people had this long list of onerous requirements and who knows which ones they would or would not enforce.

There are more than I would ever expect India people coming to Africa to work or live, I do not understand, they seem to come to manage a business, and there is less competition for workers or it is easier for them to find a job here in a way. Not really logical and common sense, but true there is more work here for people from India than in India.

No Visas today, I am already too tired... a great line.

Fun and games in the Embassy of Ghana.

Visa to Ghana Embassy in Togo

Accra Ghana for Airports and Visas

Accra Ghana for Airports and Visas
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Saturday, August 18, 2007

Accra appears to be an almost ideal location to base the acquisition of Visas for West Africa. The airport is one of the cheapest entry and exit gates in West Africa and on average can be about 300-400 USA dollars cheaper than either Ivory Coast or Togo.

I have been having a few looks at this page to discover how to get Visas for all the countries to the West and North of Ghana; it looks like I can get almost all of them in Accra, Ghana.

I am probably going to apply for the Burkina Faso Visa on Monday and hold off on the Liberia and Sierra Leone. I am thinking it is better to take an upper road loop to Burkina Faso, Mali and on to Senegal, and then come along the coast back to Accra. I think some overland truck campers come this route and I can learn from someone who spent a year researching the trip before leaving.

Getting a Visa can be easy or difficult, Liberia wants three days, and Sierra Leone wants about 7 days, this is 10 days of living in Accra, Ghana. A person has to decide, do I want to invest 10 days into Accra, so far my answer is no, if this were Cape Coast, Ghana I would say yes.

I tried to ask the Sierra Leone Embassy how soon I needed to enter; I could not get by the reception person to find out the answer.

For example, I got the Ghana Visa in two days in Lome, Togo, I then had three months of leeway time before I needed to enter Ghana or the Visa would expire. This leeway time makes getting Visa too soon a problem, I got cheated by Niger and had to pay 40 US for a Visa because they refused to honor a valid Visa Entente because they wanted to ignore how the leeway and use of the Visa worked. The Visa attained in Cote d’Ivoire was good, but the time to cross Ghana before made confusion that helped Niger cheat me. Even the smallest confusion in interpretation and the crossing of a border can erupt into a pay questionable and more or less bribes to get it to work fees.

I need to get a Visa to a country less than one month before I enter if possible and not more than two months if possible to optimize my chance of not having problems.

The Hotel situation in Accra is close to bleak at the under 10-dollar price range, I am paying 80-100,000 for a great private room, with a shared toilet in the double road belt area.

I took a Taxi to the Crystal Hostel, it cost 15 US for a room, and 10 for a dorm bed, then the cost of a taxi back and forth to the embassies would be double the cost and double the time as it is out through a ton of traffic area.

The central beltway or the YWCA area would be the ideal location to get Visas. Anyway, I do it, two people make more sense for rooms in Accra, and I am tempted to think the George something hotel would be the best all around for a couple.

The best reason to be in Accra so far as of today is for the internet, it is fast, I can connect my computer and make telephone calls cheap to about anywhere at some cafes. I was all excited because the Crystal Hostel has WIFI, and when I got there is was not on, and not being used, one computer and he said I had to pay if I did more than casually checked my email. The area is more typical Ghana though and would be more cultural than the central beltway, however to me strictly taxi.

I was hoping to find some Hong Kong style, Expat hangouts in Accra, however I have only seen NGO people and it looks like World Vision was building a new building. I am not sure, it seemed like the Crystal was out in NGO central, so maybe the reason for being popular.

I looked at my map; the Airport, Embassies, and Internet are my three reasons to be in Accra, Ghana. I am trying to suss out the city, however somewhere between the airport and the Embassy area would be ideal place to find a Hotel. I would expect to find an Internet café, as they do seem to be most places.

The big bus situation is semi-nuts, it appears I need to take a taxi to find out the cost and times, etc, and if I did that, by the time paid for that and did all the taxi mess, it would be just better to take off and hope to snag either a Tro Tro 15 passenger van and get to Cape Coast quicker in total travel time.

All in all Accra is a modern city; out towards the Airport I saw a mall and some large grocery stores, some huge housing additions. This all looks very modern; all the neighborhoods around the Embassies seem nice, shaded and pleasant.

I would say the Hotel I am in presently, however the Ghana people on the internet threaten me.
Senegal may have all the same Embassies, and I think more Western Countries do not need a Visa to enter. I think there are some surfers over in that area also to lend to beach life if it exist in Africa.

Accra Ghana for Airports and Visas

Got a Burkina Faso Visa in Accra Ghana

Got a Burkina Faso Visa in Accra Ghana
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I applied for the Visa in the morning and received the Visa by 2:00 the same day. It cost 100 US for a five year multiple entry Visa to Burkina, Faso. I needed three passport size photos and my passport, they asked for nothing else, very easy to get. The person wanted USA dollars and wanted a hundred dollar bill that had a date or 2000 or newer, he seem to not even think about Euros or Ghana money, just wanting US dollars, he told me the price in Dollars. I have noticed when something gets around 20 US; they say Dollars and stop on the Ghana money. I force the hotels and especially the taxis to say Ghana or USA, as taxis sometimes scam on the money issue.

The cost of a taxi from the any of the core hotel would be between 15,000 and 20,000; however, it is an easy walk from the double road, belt area or probably from Busy Internet Café area.

I wore long pants, and normal Reebok Gym shoes, not a good idea to be too casual when entering an Embassy. I had a black pen and my reading glasses.

The Lemon Lodge right next door has room for 98,000 including tax with shared showers and toilet. The place is bright and clean, however not a modern building, and I guess a person could walk to the Busy Internet or some other Internet Café in the neighborhood. I checked it out as a possible Hotel for the future. Ghana only gave me 30 days of travel time, and a wise traveler to Ghana would probably stay one or two night in Accra and leave if possible. 30 days is not a great deal of time. The Sammo Hotel in Cape Coast is the center for Traveler information in Ghana.

As I understand, Accra is the best place to get a Nigeria Visa even though they say you cannot get a Nigeria Visa outside your own country. Then if you are turned down here, you could try again in Togo.

I think what may be of interest is Accra Central or the market area, other than that, Accra is a city. The museum here would be very easy and convenient to visit.

As a rule of thumb, 20,000 Ghana cedi money will get you a taxi anywhere inside the ring road area on one-way taxi fare.

Got a Burkina Faso Visa in Accra Ghana

India Says Get Visa in Home Country

India Says Get Visa in Home Country
There is a path between Asia and Europe and the USA for foreigners, India is on this path. It appears that India is removing their country from this Tourist or Travelers path. Travelers Visas for India has changed their Visa rules in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia already have, and Thailand may be soon follow. Soon maybe only a Thailand citizen will be able to get a Visa to India in Thailand. This is either brilliance or extreme stupidity, I know for this Hobo I will no longer travel to India because I will not be able to get a Visa easily.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, October 21, 2007
Andy of --- Promote Hotel

I have applied and received Visas to India in England, Egypt and Thailand, never in the USA. If this new rule becomes worldwide, I would have to fly home to the USA for the Visa to India. India is already on my I-do-not-love-country list, however, there are many reasons to go to India, and one is business…

The pros of this policy is they may slow the Rasta, Tattoo, non-employable Foreigners from flying from Southeast Asia and living in India on one dollar per day, taking cheap drugs India is knowm for and their inane search for Gods.

The Cons is the only Foreigners in Southeast Asia who will find a way around the rule will be these un-employable, the net result is these people will still go to Asia and the good normal travelers will not.

The huge Negative point is India business, in my theory of global business most global type entrepreneurial businesses are started by tourist. Yes, Microsoft and the big boys will go anyway. However, the startup businesses established from people hanging around in India will be slowed. Tourist and travelers carry new ideas, and India desperately needs some new ideas, they do NOT need the Rasta, Tattoo bunch going there and doing drugs, but they do need the people, who say while on a tourist trip.
-- This is good idea, I will import - export this to India. -

Indian people are know it alls, they are in this hangover from the English Noble class concepts, and their class system just enforces it. They truly believe in their in inherent culture some people are smarter than some classes of people. This is just another example of India proving they are not just and equal, and they for sure are not smarter. The essential problem with class systems are they do not listen to people below them in status, the close the door to learning from the whole world.

When a country makes a rule to exclude, they exclude the good and the bad still comes. Look at the USA; we have for years required Foreigners to return to their home country to apply for a Visa. The illegal aliens in the USA may outnumber the legal tourist. Right now the policy is to allow the trash of Mexico to come live in the USA and eventually give them citizenship, while the law abiding great Mexican has no chance to immigrate to the USA. Rather reverse Darwin in steroids. I think the USA should open the border to Mexico and allow the trash to escape easy, they want to go home, they just came to earn money, but now they are in a cage. I do want reciprocity, I want Mexico to allow the USA to also move to Mexico.

India needs to explain, what their secret, never thought out agenda here is. I do not like India, and now I like less. One more reason to not go to India, I do not need more reasons, I am overwhelmed with reasons already and I want to go to India, it has many stories to tell in a covered by cow manure way.

I wonder, do they want to be like Nigeria?

or maybe Contact Andy

India Says Get Visa in Home Country

Ranong Thailand Visa Run

Ranong Thailand Visa Run
I will do a Visa Run tonight to Ranong, Thailand on the Burma border, I suppose I should say Myanmar, I just feel bad because the locals more or less call it Burma, so why would I call it something different.
I will enter Burma, then leave Burma and enter Thailand. This is called a Visa Run, some strange ritual travelers do.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, October 28, 2007
Andy of ---

When a person steps back and says out loud.
- I am going to walk across the border, the walk back. -
- I am will leave for 15 minutes, the come right back to Thailand. -

I do this for most countries of the planet; I will travel for 10 hours and leave a country before I will deal with the bureaucracy of the country. I will do about anything to not have to sit in a government office and wait for the Gods that be decide my fate.

To do you first Visa Run or to renew a Visa is a sense of pride, in your mind you say,
- I have lived outside my country. -

A Visa run is a sure sign of a person that is on the road to being a traveler, or an Expat. I do hope that one day the world invents a better system or maybe we will just globalize and say, everyone can go to any country and live. I like this idea more and more, I tend to believe the Mexicans in the USA would go home after earning money, as this is all they want, and some rich girlfriends in Mexico City would come and stay a few months. Or all of Mexico would move to the USA, which is a real possibility.

If I were to live in Thailand, I would say that Ranong is on the short list of places I would choose to live. The Visa is easy, there are two or more islands one is called Koh Chang and the other is Koh Phayam, I think. I have been to Koh Chang I think three times, it is easy, quick and a nice peaceful island full of Germans and other travelers who do not seem to need bars. I do not know Koh Pha Yam or whatever the name is, but I think there is more Tourists.

The call this place, Koh Samui before… before it became a Tourist Trap. Tells you something about Koh Samui, all Islands or Tourist areas are on a timeline, too much time passes and kiss the tourist destination goodbye. A good tourist area has an obvious reason to Visit, like the Pyramids of Egypt.

I will get on a bus at night, and wake up there the next morning. I do not do drugs, but this type of bus trip is getting old for me. It makes sleeping pills and other downers seem tempting. Sleeping on a bus is not natural either, I am happy to not be taking the Tourist Buses from Khao San Road. The local or long distance Thailand ran buses are more comfortable than the tourist buses, the seats are wider, the people that run the buses are human, and they often have food served.
Craig from gave a good outline of the hotels in Ranong; however seemed to miss a couple. I am going to try to check out either the Spring Guesthouse. (Kiwi Orchard is on the Ranong Thailand page of Wiki and need to get the boot.)

Note, I hope this page revealed to Craig, you cannot quickly collect all the hotels in a city, you need to live there. Ergo the reason I created it allows a never ending list of hotels. And soon people will be able to list hotels, then data entry people, one way or the other we are pointed towards a comprehensive list.

Ranong has Hot Water Springs; a person should if nothing else goes towards the Spring Guesthouse and watch the people if they still do it, collect water that has been purified by heat.

The island of Koh Chang has a special Agro-Tourism area with Cashews and Rubber trees, a special Island on the planet, and empty of tourist and most tourists seem to fall into bars that are just like the ones from their home. (Koh means Island, so I am being redundant, but you know why.)

or maybe Contact Andy

Ranong Thailand Visa Run

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