How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life

How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life
With a good filing system on my computer I can remember anything, because I know how to find information quickly.

This phrase is the name of a book I read years ago.
- How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life. -

I need to learn a good system to file hundreds of movies on a computer.

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Sunday, December 2, 2007
Andy of ---

The book in short was make a list of what you need to do, and label them

A, as must be done
B do if possible
C low priority

Then more or less never do anything until it becomes and A priority.

I use an extremely edited version of the book and truthfully am not sure, maybe the A B C could be my rendition.

I am very happy to say, I do no have or need a list of priorities because nothing is an A, nothing is a B, and all is C. This is an oversimplification of things, however my system now is more or less, work on what I am obsessed on, and truthfully I think about the number two system on the planet, the first being, work on what the boss forces me to do or I lose my job.

I think the boss does better to hire obsessed people than to force people to work, while some if are at work for lack of anything better to do, do indeed work.

I 100 believe that money is a hopeless motivation, people will not work to feed their families, have way get motivate to earn money, the real reasons are greed and envy, maybe some competition to be famous and prove they are better than their fellow man.

I have people say, how can you blog so much, and the answer is easier if you try to empathize with me that I am not working, I am just thinking and typing at the same time.


I have a system to look this word up in a dictionary in seconds, and I do not need an internet connection. Hard to imagine starting to write without a dictionary next to me.

Am I filing Videos or Movies? This is the problem of the day, I am making videos, I inadvertently label them Movies, I sometime label them as folder movie-thailand or now movie-philippines, although I think video is the proper work, but my mind thinks the word Movie, not Video.

I need to learn soon a good system to file Video Files, or it is Movie Clips because as of today, it is very amorphous.

I am recording two small video files per day. I am using Microsoft Movie Maker a program that came with my computer. If I move a file, a movie I saved as breaks. I need to file perfect and learn a system or I will have a computer full of broken half finished video projects.

Note, this is relatively funny to me, as I see the normal persons system as being, as being this, they make a video, put in on and never work on the video again.

My mosquito net movie could have 100 version and I could continue to add new chapters and sections for a lifetime of travel. Tantamount to writing a love story, just how many movies about love exist, I would say all of them, or love of something.

I would love to go into the office of Steven Spielberg and see how he files information, maybe take a look at his folders and files in his computer if he has a computer.

How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life

Videos Uploading make me Angry

Videos Uploading make me Angry
I am very confused, I want have my friend, family and readers see videos. A video or small movie can explain better what I am seeing at the edge of the planet.

Mom and Dad, click on this link, and then tell me if you can see it?
Elephant Ride Toy In Philippines Mall

Quezon City, Philippines - Southeast Asia
Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Andy of ---

We will make you famous! Upload your video?

Put me on TV, win 500 dollars, and be awarded the best of the best
Blah Blah Blah.

I received my third offer this week; my bullshit meter is going off in high squawking, squeaky annoying sounds. Turn off that noise before I slap you silly.

The GOAL of videos for Andy, my goal, not yours…
Use a video to explain better and more accurately what I saw and experience than photos or words.

I by design, and pre-meditated do not edit, cut, try to mix or interpret the videos I make, I try to document what may or may not be important and give it to people to learn and enjoy.

I also want to allow you to download the movie, distribute, show, and view as you wish. I am not selling these videos, I am more or less giving them to you to enjoy with copyrights intact.

I think or other similar services may be working against my goals. I am not sure, it is good to put these videos on, however, it is a not a reason for the video. I think I need to upload all these videos to my server, and save, backpack, and protect. I want you to be able to download, which is not the goal of

I am confused, I do know one thing, and I cannot upload videos to every site that ask me to upload. I am a true traveler, I am very lucky when I get this huge file up one time. I do not know exactly, however, I am going to somehow give permission to others to upload to these services and use. I guess I can put some credits below on the videos so people do not steal.

I think is a nice service, I think in less than 2 years, I will have the same type of video hosting with my own hosting company. I do not think the technology of will be the only player. I believe the future is that every website will allow you to upload videos.

I do not know, I think many companies promise the hard working person some dream of being famous. 1 in a million will have this dream, and it is a dream they are selling us. I think I am going to take this hook out of my mouth.

If a person can watch this, then it becomes extremely complicated to put up on Analogous sending a PDF file, the majority of people can read it, even when they did not understand why.

I do not believe I will get large amounts of traffic by putting my videos in I think I will get a traffic on my site by giving videos to my readers to view.

I am not saying is not a nice thing, I am saying it not the best answer for a person who has a webpage.

I can be cynical and say why do I want to make famous, or I can say, how do I get paid for all this work. I keep trying to keep my eye on the goal, the goal is to allow readers to view, with the least amount of headaches.

A few years ago, people could not see this video; I think 90 percent can now click on this link and watch.
Elephant Ride Toy In Philippines Mall

I had a company ask me to upload this video, as it this small video was great. It was more or less a fun video, and for sure not a great video, therefore I was a concerned about why they wanted me to upload. I did not bite the bait, but some very good bait.

I think this links will work better form my parents on a slow dialup in the farmlands of Indiana.

Videos Uploading make me Angry

Playing Videos on Your Computer

Playing Videos on Your Computer
I am publishing videos, movies, film clips, the bottom line moving pictures are being sent by me to you, or on this blog. You may need a way to play them on your computer.

Here are links on how to download three of the top FREE players offered.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Saturday, December 22, 2007
Andy of ---

Note, I will probably continue to send files with wmv on the end, however am working through all the formats needed to grow.

Free Windows Media Player

Free Quicktime Player for Mac and Windows

Free RealOne Player for Windows and Mac

Free DivX Player/Codec will NOT have all Videos
I also will when I am on a high-speed connection put on you and other sources, but will not be sending that link, however for sake of clarity here it is, but will not be sent often and no more embedded videos. But better quality and you can download.

Playing Videos on Your Computer

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