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Economic Feasibility of Travel Videos

Economic Feasibility of Travel Videos
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, June 29, 2007

How would you like to see real videos of Togo?

There is hope, and I found some today. I read,

CNN has shut down its CNN Pipeline service,… The pay-service which allowed news from the channel to be viewed online will be offered at no charge to online viewers beginning July 2, 2007.
Stop Quote

There are paid and non-paid services offered on the internet, my feeling is free services paid for by advertisements have about 50 times better chance of succeeding than the pay to play options. With the switch from paid to play, to free CNN is setting a standard. Paid Videos are not going to work.


The time to make a 5-10 minute well done clip while I am in Togo could take between 3 and 20 hours according to the quality. If I paid myself a minimum of 6 US dollars per hour

3 hour to make is 18 dollars
2 dollar to publish to the internet.
20 dollars in production cost and at the bottom of the barrel wages and estimations of cost.

I guess or believe I make about 80 CENTS US per page, PER YEAR.

Voila! As they say here in Togo, I make a nice video and I lose 19 dollars.

What is needed are very good video tools and then agreed on video standards. I am thinking the MPEG format is winning, being I cannot watch these videos because of bad connection I am never sure.

CNN is saying, paid did not work; we are going to do Free.

The evolution of travel videos is on.


For 50 US Dollars I could produce small video clips of specific topics.

Making Fufu in Togo
Hippos on the River Mono in Togo
AIDS Clinics in Togo
Orphanages in Togo
Buying a Home in Panama

Hmm, I do not mind losing money; I do not want to continually lose money. I think it is time to try again; maybe I could make a video and look for a sponsor for the video after I am finished. Somewhat a good will way of making a video and if someone likes, they can sponsor.

Any request for videos?

Economic Feasibility of Travel Videos

Explain My World Videos

Explain My World Videos
Bolgatanga or Bolga, Ghana West Africa
Saturday, September 1, 2007

I have to admit, Michael Moore has accomplished something few men on the planet has every done. CNN, BBC, and other news media make feeble attempts, however somehow a High School graduate, almost no formal education, worked in a factory in Flint, Michigan.

A stereotypical fat American, the epitome of an Ugly American Stereotype. (How to use Ugly American? … )

No education
Badly dressed
Only talks about the USA
Thinks the USA is the center of the planet
Interrupts people

Now as he has become the hero and Knight of Europe, the voice from the wilderness, the spokes person of Europe and its view of the USA, he has accomplished what few men on the planet have yet to accomplish.

Michael Moore has equivocated a word and changed the natural language understanding of the word documentary.
Before Michael, I would just easily have said, I am making Mini-Documentaries of specific cultural subjects. Many would understand quickly, however, now, what can I call them?

I wish to be very truthful, not try to represent my person interpretation of something as being perfect fact.

They call me foreigner, I am trying to find a word that does not in any way or form associate me with Michael Moore, and I try to walk away from this ugly stereotype every day, and have to accept that the stereotype of the Fat American is based in truth. The list above exist, it is not an incorrect representation of a large percentage of the USA.

I am a person from the USA, they call me foreigner, and here they call me Abroni or White Man.

I need an easy to say way to explain these videos, I will eventually land on the proper for-me, acceptable by me, way of labeling these videos. I refuse to call them Mini-Documentaries as I refuse to be associated with this Ugly American Michael Moore.

I think Explain-My-World Videos is easy to say, succinct and no attempt to glamorize my work. Allow justice to prevail, a good work, is a good work, history will tell.

I look for the respect and good words of Ethnology Professors, Photographers and writers of the caliber of James Michener, or Paul Theroux.

A person explains their world, how the world explains, labels and understand afterwards is no longer in control of the person, this duty has been pass down.

I have many Explain My Word Videos at various stages of production; I have a quite extensive one on Fufu and presently lack the aspect of making the sauce for the Fufu to be eaten, and maybe some video clips of how they eat.

Making these videos requires diligence as one small missing clip and the story lines is broken. I apologize for intermixing these clips out of blog sequence; this is a quagmire of internet problems in West Africa.

Explain My World Videos

Bolgatanga Ghana Food Market Video

Bolgatanga Ghana Food Market Video
Bolga or Bolgatanga, Ghana West Africa
Monday, September 3, 2007

I am told this is a Kumo, I have never seen this type of Vegetable before, it taste like a Cucumber to me, the people say something about Garden Eggs. I really do not like Cucumbers, and I was spitting for an about 10 minutes, but I suspect the majority of cucumber fans would be happy.

The view of the inside, taking pictures of foods is interesting, I am not a brave person with foods. I have to look at something for days and sometimes months before I get up the courage to try. The best way to take photos is to buy the food, have them prepared the food to eat on the spot, and then take photos. This is difficult for me, as they also want me to taste the food… aagh.

I took this video of the market here in Bolgatanga, Ghana. A simple video of a Ghana food market, as I walked one direction through the market, this market is very large and diverse; this is just a small portion of the market. I walk through this market one to two times daily here in Bolga, for the curious, it has a never-ending supply.

If you received this in your email box, you probably need to click on this link to go and see the video.

Bolgatanga Ghana Food Market Video

Hotel Videos

Hotel Videos
Too much information, the future is here. Yippee.
Movies about Hotels, do I need this much information.
I hear complaints about advertisements. I hear complaints about my blog post, they says something like,
- There is too much. -

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Andy of ---

I 100 percent agree, I post too much and for sure, a person should not read them, I try to best to put titles so you can skip. The truth is this, a person, who wants what you are selling or talking about never wants you to stop. There is too much, this translated mean, I am bored, or not interested.

A guidebook has paper; it cost more money to print a bigger book.

A newspaper is paper; it cost more money to print a bigger newspaper.

The TV is per minute or second, advertisers pay by seconds for TV ads.

The future is here

I used to sell people homes, when showing home, the moment I saw any reluctance, I would say,
- Lets go and look at a different home. -

Sales people try to convince people to buy junk.
Why, I am clueless unless they only have one piece of junk.

Had a chat conversation with boy genius in India, a person-to-person conversation with a human. There is this paper mentality. Like somehow a webpage pays for paper. The cost for me to host a page of photos is at most about 1 penny per year. The cost is the time it takes to type words.

Therefore, the future of advertising will be more of a graduated growth.

Small taste, then a little more.
Another small taste, do you still want more?
Taste this, well you like our hotel, so go and see the movie.

One feature I know must be included in any Hotel site is a way for owners of hotels to post videos about their Hotel. I think this is a great way for too-smart-and-clever travelers to live for free in Hotel also…

Me and boy genius are working on a box, a place to put the TV on the page, we are also working to put Business Cards. We need to find the right corner in the taste section, then allow a person go eat the how bag.

I thought about this, I was searching in for the future of hotels. I see some Israeli swimming pools, Hotels, etc, and thought, hmm.. Israeli characters, swimming pools. Israeli girls in Bikinis, this is my type of video.

A well-made video does not need to be in English, this is the future, to understand that we can talk with photos or videos to people. Chinese people do not understand words, but a video.. Hook them with some words, and then show them the video.

Now, my complaint, more of bikinis please, Tel Aviv Beach is a target rich environment.

This is an example of the future of hotels, if you want, you will be able to see the longer and longer versions, because when you want something you want more, not less.

Ok, this is the cognitive dissonance, dysfunctional hook to the max method of advertising, talking about Israeli girls… ok.

Koh Pha Ngan the next thread… Beach… Search on Hobo.

Hotel Videos

Video of Khao San Road

Video of Khao San Road
It takes 9 minutes and 40 seconds to walk from the Temple to the Burger King on Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand.

A Backpackers Rites of Passage

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Andy of ---

Khao San Road is a tourist street, full of tourist things, but it is also a Rites of Passage.

To say, I am a traveler, you want to have walked down Khao San Road, the streets of Lima Peru, San Jose Costa Rica, Tel Aviv etc and so on, maybe the Baghdad, or Cape Coast Ghana, the beaches of Goa,

I going to Katmandu… Bob Seger

Rites of Passage, like losing your girlfriend to a Yoga teacher in India. Alex Garland in his famous book and movie The Beach accurately describes Khao San Road as the….
Center of the Backpacker Universe

Khao San Road Bangkok, Thailand.



Click in the center and wait, if you cannot see a video you are reading in an email or feed, you need to go to the online version of the blog and view. Click on this link below:
Khao San Road

Khao San Road

Video of Khao San Road

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