Delhi to Chicago Flight

Delhi to Chicago Flight
American Airlines Airplane
Above Russia or North Pole
Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I am on about hour eight of a sixteen hour flight from Delhi to Chicago, airplanes are often more uncomfortable than the buses. The airplane has private Television Screens so I can choose from about 8-12 movies or shows to watch.

There is some info-commercials on about travel, and I am musing and wondering where I fit into this commercial. There is a long presentation of a resorts or the inside of Hotels, showing the swimming pools, the beach, the rooms, the bar everything inside a normal resort. At the end or near the end is says something about choosing the travel destination.

I am mixed up, it was the name of resort or the Villas or something.

I am becoming increasing concerned with the general public. I am not sure, I guess the world wants to be entertained, and they want to dream, and then they figure out if they can afford to pay for it.

The salespeople of the world sit around thinking, hmmm, what can we sell that will be the new hot and trendy product that everyone will buy and we can make lots of money.

A Vacation Package, a Resort, or a Tour Packages is a product, something sold to entertain people. I think the idea of a resort is great, I remember working 12 hour days, busy, too much of everything and I need a separation from work so I could recharge my batteries. I do not want to call a resort though a destination, more that I checked myself into a resort like a fat farm to help me feel better.

The product of selling tours, the product of selling ideas.
The product of selling vacations packages, the product of selling ideas.

I am trying to think, what am I selling? I hope I am selling a truthful look of the world and my honest interpretations. I do not get paid for this, rather I make money now by the creation of a page that can index, categorize and people finds. If a person does not read, just gets annoyed and clicks on an advertisement and leaves, I make more money. Keeping readers on pages does not make more money, not in the short run, however, the long term readers yes, because they have multiple chances to click.

I am trying to understand in my mind, what is the travel industry selling. I think the product is a wonderful idea, then some way of making a location free of reality. It would be very hard to take persons on a tour of India and somehow stop them from seeing men urinating in the streets or more.

I told a friend Lynn in a push of idea, that people travel to be voyeurs. They want to look at people that are different and India is a great place for this, a billion people radically different than the rest of the planet, they do not know that, however I do.

She was apologizing for complaining about some issues of India, and I said, please you are not complaining, you are just not totally happy. Everyone should search for happiness and if you are not happy, then search. However, if you are in the dump, and you cannot find happiness, change dumps.

I have people want to know my favorite places, in some abstract way my favorite place is in a room reading a book or watching a movie. I like to be entertained. The second favorite it walking around in machinery type areas or industrial sales type areas of funky under-developed countries. I love to look, play, try to understand all the weird gadgets the world uses to work and make things.

I do not like loud noise, and I do not like bad mannered people.

I suppose I should ask myself, where are the most gadgets and at the same time the best mannered people, need to throw in a beach with girls in bikinis?

This is my perfect place, while many want to listen to some poor person in India tell their sad story. Neither is better, just different and if you like to listen to sad stories, then listen to sad stories.

I have made my own sad stories, drunken stupid stories full of punishment and anger, and people frustrated and hateful. I have lived that soap opera. I found it was easier to find people who want to live in a soap opera and say how miserable they are than the ones who want to say,
- I am a winner, I succeed and prosper and thrive at life, therefore life is good. -

This is an endless endorphin rush, and addiction to misery, I wish they would go jump out of planes with a parachute, it would be the same rush.

So, I am watching on Television, it is not over, but I was watching the sales of a rush of ideas, the idea of a paradise inside a building, the creation of a paradise you can buy. Not a bad idea, I wish it would never end.

16 hours on a plane, this is a record I think for me, we are flying over the north pole I think because it is a shorter distance than flying over Northern Africa or Europe to fly to Chicago.

I am very excited to buy the product of Africa, they do a horrible job of selling this product, they sell AIDS, Poverty, drudgery and people with nothing. This is great, I am so happy I went there and it is not what I see on the News and Television. It has almost zero tourist, and I am developing some revulsion to tourist. I am a tourist, I like to go look at things, however I am in a real problem area, I do not want to suffer to listen to their stories of what they watch on TV or read in a Travel Magazine. The ideas they have purchased to me seem more illusion and dysfunctional, a never ending soap opera.

I like to read the encyclopedia to journey to discover the world, then I like to go find on the earth what I read about. I do see the ideas inside of the Encyclopedia as something of value, a good value for my money. However, there is little to sell to people, most things in the Encyclopedia are free to go see.

Hmm.. I am going to read about the Congo to make the time pass faster.

Delhi to Chicago Flight

Transportation Stops Africa Tourism

Transportation Stops Africa Tourism
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Monday, May 7, 2007

It has taken me 10 years of travel to have enough experience to say, and the confidence, maybe arrogance to say,
- Public Transportation in Africa is incredibly crazy -

I read between the lines of the book Dark Star Safari, by Paul Theroux and thought to myself, he took the easy way out.

My travelers pride was offended, I now learn maybe he was correct, and did not explain. I thought to myself, he is not a traveler.

He more or less hired taxis from one city to another, this is maybe the easiest, smartest, however most expensive way to travel on the planet.

I sometime think, what do I do? has become a financial success, I think, I want to just pay money and avoid some of the hassles. It would be a lot simpler to travel from Bangkok, Thailand to Changmai, Thailand by air conditioned taxi, then to ride a bus. I know the American way, the first thing an American does is rent a car, buys a car, think about a car, it is the culture. This is stupid. Outside the USA, I think a taxi is great and driving a car is close to asking to be robbed and killed.

I will admit and say, Africa is ok for a car or better yet a Peugeot VAN, or to buy motorcycle, bike, if you want to drive here it is safe enough, mainly because there is no cars on the road.

Paul Theroux understood Africa, however he did not explain, or I do not remember him saying, I am taking the taxis because it is the smart way to travel.

I am NOT saying a person should just hire a taxi and go from city to city in Togo. I am tentatively today saying, a person will enjoy Togo or and most of the West African countries more, if the take a motorcycle Taxi from here to there.

I keep thinking,
300,000 CFA for a new motorcycle in Atakpame, Togo. I can buy a new motorcycle for 622 US Dollars.

If I traveled 5 months or 150 days in Africa

622 Dollars divide by 150 equals 4 dollars per day to have a motorcycle; I think I would add 4 dollars per day for insurance, and papers and well with gas, say 10 dollars per day.

5000 CFA per day or 10 US to have a Motorcycle. The problems is getting this beast across borders.

It is impossible for me to spend 10 dollars per day on a Moto, what am I going to do, send the moto home?

This is easy, the cheapest easiest way to travel West Africa is with a Moto or Zimijan, I do not know how to spell and I do not want to look up in the guidebook, I say Moto and they all come. Zimi John seems to be the formal name.

Motorcycle Taxi or Moto

I want to pay to avoid frustration. This is the beauty of a taxi, most Americans or Europeans cannot afford to enjoy a taxi. I love to just say, take me here and I go from here to there. I get out of the AC Taxi, quiet, easy and quick not parking of the car, and when I want to leave, I walk out and hold up my hand, I am home.

A GOOD TAXI, I love them, a bad taxi driver needs hit with a 2 X 4.

I have completely given up on the bus stations or Gares here in Togo. They are made to volunteer to be a victim of abuse. I do not volunteer to be abused. I am thinking, I came to Atakpame, from Badou in about 2 hours or less on a Moto Taxi, the cost was 6000 CFA. I paid 2500 CFA because the van broke down, and it took 5 hours.

What is safe, I need to never leave the USA. The truth is, a car in the USA goes continually about 60 miles per hour, and a car in Togo and 80 percent of the planet is lucky to go 30 miles per hour. Africa has no police to watch drivers, they can be crazy, but for the most part, they are calm in comparison to most places, like Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Cambodia or Philippines. Etc.

I could afford to rent a car taxi across Africa, I think Paul was too smart, and just did not want to explain his understanding of transportation, instead was just bleak, or dark.

The problem with car taxis is this, it takes a lot of talking and searching and money to find a taxi car that will go from city to city. If I go to the Gare where they are sitting and would be logical to find one, and easy. I will have 20 people around me talking and it become huge soap opera of stupid conversations and demanding bully Togo people, all grabbing and saying, this and that.

I suppose I should go to the Gare and bite the bullet and see, how much to go from Atakpame, to Kpalime by car. Let me think, I would guess about 10-20,000 would be fare. If I could get a tax alone from Atakpame to Kpalime, it would be good. I would be happy.

20,000 CFA is about 40 US Dollars and a pile of money for a backpacker. I can get a room for 3000 in Kpalime; I am paying 3500 for a room in Atakpame.

I do not travel from city to city daily.

The math is painful, and biting the bullet and having transportation cost more than a room is difficult to eat. I have always felt that transportation was cheaper than a room.

I must remove the pain of travel in Africa, or I will soon want to leave or worst yet, refuse to move or travel. The pain is:
The Gare, the Bus Station…

Ok, rules of thinking.
1. No bus stations
2. No vans
3. Cars only.
4. Motorcycles that know the route.

This is confusing and complicated, but doable.

Easy way is this, I get on a moto and say go to this highway or road and drop me off, I want to be on the road leading out of city and leading to the next. This means, and I have never needed to do this when traveling. I look for bus stations; I do not read maps to find the road leading out of the city. I will not do the same as car driver, but with a moto and search for the road leading out of the city.

I should do this a day or two before I leave, that way the stupid motos will not say, this is the road, and I need to trust them. I can take two or three motos and continue until I am positive this is the place to leave from or stand. I suppose I can take a GPS reading.

The guidebook, words, there is very few ways to explain the locations to hitch a ride from one city the next. If I think hitchhiking, I am explaining better. Take me to the highway so I can hitch a ride to the next city.

This is more or less, what I need to say to the Moto.

Buying a 4-wheel drive and going across Africa sound romantic, but only about 1 in 10,000 people will do this. The other 9,999 people go to Southeast Asia, India, South America or Central and avoid the cost.

There is no doubt in my mind, getting rid of the small vans in Africa and replacing them with big buses would maybe increase tourism about 2000 percent. The white people just do not want to say to the African people, I do not want to get in a station wagon with 15 people; I will buy a car or motorcycle to avoid. There is this idea that to say something bad about Africa is racism, I think racism is to not say the truth like they are not smart enough to listen.

I truly do not care what any country thinks of me, I do not travel to Togo to make Togo people happy, and I travel to enjoy my life.

Putting five people in one section of a car seat is crazy and too difficult, my life is too short, and I am not going to travel this way.

Last time I was here, I complained about the cost or rooms, I seem to have sussed that out, now I am working on the transport.. hehehe. I will get this place figured out. I like Africa.

West Africa Transportation, Togo Transportation, Tranportation, Tourism, Planning Africa,

Transportation Stops Africa Tourism

Three Good Reasons to Travel

Three Good Reasons to Travel
Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, May 26, 2007

Legal Notice posted on Beach - Maybe legal, or maybe just a wanna be legal notice.

Les Trois Interdits
The Three Forbiddens

Amende 5000 F or CFA
5000 CFA fine or about 10 US Dollars, about one-third months pay.

Aidez-nous a maintenier notre plage propre
Help us to maintain our beach clean.

My first thought,
- Why would you want to stop tourism? -

Come on, the truth is people travel to South America, Africa and all the remote or off the beaten path to see people behave this way, they want this… I guess and agree, it would be good for the Togo people, there are close to zero tourist here in Togo.

I have been sitting on the beach and watching many or two of three of these per day, maybe the WC is under control a small small as they say. However, it would take work to avoid watching a man urinate on the beach or about anywhere for longer than say 20 minutes, that is about the longest stretch of time before the next tourist show.

I personally enjoy more the walking around the markets shows, normal life and not the part you wish to avoid.

I thought, I will take three photos to match up with the sign, not what I like to do, but why not, something to do, then as I was walking around Decon looking for a 12 volt to 220 converter, I come up on this women. She is standing up and urinating. I never knew women could do this, but it is very common to see a woman stand to do so, pull their underwear to the side and squirt.

This one was more crazy, she was topless, bottomless and all sorts of interesting behaviors. She is standing in front of what I would call the central location of women of the night called Panini and screaming at people. I have been hearing about Panini from Togo men now for about two months, amazing what the men of the world learn about, then tell you, ask about a Hippo and the country has no idea, ask about Panini and they all know Lome. I was getting curious, what is a Panini. I thought it was a street, now I learned it is a bar. I still am not clear, but then again, I never wanted to know or listen.

Culture is the top, bottom and all layers in between.

I am trying to get my brain around why some of the crazy people in Africa just seem crazier than what is average and normal for the world. Crazy is normal, homosexuals are normal, many things are normal. Poverty, prostitution, and driving a carl like a crazy person is normal. The so-called advanced country, about 20 percent of the planet somehow pass and enforce laws to stop crazy.

However, I am not sure, African culture is more aggressive than normal, and I think you take a very aggressive person, then when they become truly nuts, crazy, this is a noisy and difficult person.

Tourism, Urination, Trash, Defecate, Togo, Crazy People

Three Good Reasons to Travel

Best Tourist Investment is in West Africa

Best Tourist Investment is in West Africa
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, June 1, 2007

It is not often I live in a tourist destination where Hotels and Tourist services are consistent. There are almost 99 percent consistent in management, if possible, to do wrong, they do it 99 percent wrong. They are all living in the age of Colonization and King, Queens and Fiefs, there is a delusion that the good times will return.

West Africa Tourism, lead by the French are jumping up down on it, some people just step on IT, however some jump up and down on IT…

The number one advertiser for West Africa has to be the NGO-ONG save the world group. Therefore, maybe 95 percent of advertisements show Africa as being the worst place on the planet. CNN, BBC and all the news media coverage announces doomsday daily, this good tourist destination has a bad perception and nothing looks like it will change for the next ten years, the advertising money used to promote tourism is fighting a losing battle against the big money of the Non Governmental Organizations bound and determined to tell everyone on the planet Africa is dying of something, I am not sure, I have not seen it.

Then to boot, they have this European attitude of pay 10 Euros for bad service and say thank you, and you love it.

It has to be the easiest place on the planet to start a Hotel or Hostel and thrive, there is no competition. The French who you would think would be the competition are pricing their restaurants and hotels at European Prices, however then living in the poorest countries on the planet. There is no way the cost to provide a service here is even a tenth of the cost of Europe. The food is expensive, but labor is 2 dollars per day.

I am hard pressed to think of one hotel doing anything correct, as I mean a great value for the money in international terms. I can find a great priced hotel, then everything outside the room, such as restaurant, common area and entitlement is either abuse or non-existent.

Tourist Information Brochures - I am trying to think when I saw any tourist information brochures. Sometimes in Europe, there will be a ten-meter wall of brochures. I am looking at zero, I have none in my stack of normal junk to discard, nobody has even gave me their business card to a hotel, I have asked and received, however none have forced it on me, as they should… I mean, make it easy to have, sitting on the reception desk, or offered.

What an opportunity for an Americans, Australians, English speaking Canadians or New Zealand people. I truthfully do not think the European culture understands honest service and competition yet, they are all still in favor of monopolies and see Wal-Mart as the enemy. Hmm, the Chinese, they could possibly be good, and they are committed to Africa in a way. Europeans appear want the sweetheart under the table deal, they are not willing to go head to head with the competition.

Best Tourist Investment is in West Africa

Philippines Not Girl Friendly

Philippines Not Girl Friendly
The Philippine is not the best place for female tourist; a person could say is it not Girl Friendly. A country often encourages certain types of tourism and inadvertently discourages other types.

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Thursday, November 29, 2007
Andy of ---

Southeast Asia I believe started mass tourism with war, the Second World War, Korean War, and the Vietnam War. The men defined and started the flavor or tourism for many countries in Southeast Asia.

Not Girl Friendly is not a good thing, it is a bad thing, and I really do believe all types of people should be able to live together. However, in real life, I would strongly advise a person to ignore that idealist advice and find the place where they are welcomed.
Life is good, life is fun, and it does not and should not be a continuous day in and day out social statement. This is for people who are mentally nuts. I go find my paradise and hope to avoid the places that do not want me.

I listened to a comment yesterday that was hilariously correct about the Malate Pensionne and the Friendly Guesthouse in the Malate part of Manila. I am living in the Ermita - Robinson Mall area and, and slowly feel myself moving towards some Island, as I am not wanted in the Malate area, and worried about Emita.

If you looked at the big picture of my travel, then I am moving towards Africa or even back towards South America because this is where I am more welcomed.

I for sure do not fit in on Khao San Road or Thailand; however, this is one of the best places on the planet to buy plane tickets and to live cheap and easy with the least amount of annoyances for the money.

This is funny, the Malate area is discouraging me from living in that area, more or less a subtle form of discrimination against men who like women.

I am somewhat lost, I love Island life, and I like to normal English sometimes, therefore the Philippines is a great place. I also think the extremely friendly females put a smile on my face. I heard Christmas Carols in the Robinsons Mall super market yesterday, this made me feel good, and I do not feel this in Thailand, I feel an Asian thing.

The Philippines is about, what I call what-is-leftover-logic

What is left over after you ignore a lot, and for sure, I need to ignore a lot in Manila, however for me after I ignore a lot, what is left over is

Had to ignore is…
Hotels that are 30-50 percent more expensive than Thailand.

What is left over is…

Smiling and Joking Philippine people in Robinsons Mall.
Tons of flirting girls.
Super good Internet Cafes
A lifetime of Islands to explore
English speaking Expats with some wild stories to hear.

The traffic is hard to ignore, I wish there were more female travelers so there was more balanced conversations.

I am not a tolerant person, I am person that can ignore, and not comment about things I see as wrong. I have many friends with some really strange lifestyles, if they are respectful of me, if they are not respectful of me; I leave and find new friends.

It is a funny world, I am not part of a minority group, I am more or less the all American man from the USA, it is interesting how many minority groups do not like me, all else is welcome, except for normal.

Here is complicated travel advice, if a place is asking certain groups of tourist to come and visit or they say it is friendly to this group. This could be translated to mean, the country has too many of the opposite and they want to change the ratios, or if you are not that group you are not welcome.

What they say is welcome is also saying who is not welcome. I try to notice when I become the minority, then keep my mouth shut, and find a new place for me, getting difficult for the normal man or women.

Example: An Alcoholic would fit in better here than a person who does not drink. In the new world you need a good personal problem to fit in… hehehe

Philippines Not Girl Friendly

Malate Tourist Disaster Zone

MalateTourist Disaster Zone
I have decided the Malate and Ermita of Manila Metropolitan area is a tourist disaster zone. The culture of the area is so abnormal it would be insulting to call this part of the Philippines or to comment unless I take great care in the use of words.

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Wednesday, December 5, 2007
Andy of ---

What has happened in the last few days is so over the edge stupid, I am going to review and think about what I have already written and publish later.

I am in luck today because I can move to Quezon, City whereby I will be able to regroup, work on the backpack and try to understand this Malate and Ermita Tourist Disaster Zone.

Two true small or big events that have lead up to this decision are I have not had water in my hotel for 18 hours because the whole area is having water line construction here in Christmas high season. The second reason it two boys were kissing in G-point the other night. There are too many signs on the wall, I just do not see any reason to ever return to this area of Manila again.

Malate is now... Craptastic!
As told to me by Craig of

MalateTourist Disaster Zone

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