Street Children

Street Children Photo Request

Street Children Photo Request
Akakpame, Togo West Africa
Friday, April 27, 2007

Photo I took in Manila, Philippines near the Ermita Area.

I received today a request for a larger, better quality photo of the Street Children I took in Manila. Note, I shrink every photo to smaller size for the internet, and have done so now for about two years, but I still do not think are magazine quality in size. Sony 12 X Camera.

The request:

Name: Vincent ten Bouwhuis
Country: UK

Dear Madam / Sir,
From your website there is an image \-187-02-street-children-philipines\- that I would like to use for our charity\-s leaflet, to illustrate the desperate needs of these streetchildren, however the resolution (dpi) is not high enough for print, can you please e-mail us a High resolution image and permission to use this image for our non-profit charity leaflet?
Our registered charity number is 1118814
And we raise funds to build orphanages and house and care for orphans and street children, we currently work on projects in Bali, Indonesia and India and will expand to Philipines, Thailand, Vietnam
Thank you in advance
the image came from the following link:

Kind regards
Vincent ten Bouwhuis

Vincent ten Bouwhuis Ministries & Worldwide Missionary Foundation
2nd floor
145 - 157 St John Street
London EC1V 4PY

Website Name: VTB ministries & Worldwide Missionary Foundation
Website URL:


I found the larger photo and I am able to send. What do you think? Should I sent the bigger photo they can use for brochures.

About a month or two ago, I received another request from inside the Philippines wanting photos of Street Children.

Both are starting orphanages or something.

There is this question I ask myself, why? I do not work with street children, I am just a guy that walks around at 7:00 am and took some photos, easy to do, and children sleeping are easy photos to take. Plus children cannot get up and beat my butt, easy photos to take, if you are where there are street children.

If you are where there are street children, these photos are very easy to take…

If you are where there are street children.

Should I send the big dpi high density photos to the children?

I could take hundreds of photos of children sleeping in the street, not a difficult photo to take in the tropics. What was interesting and intriguing to me, what there was this orphanage in Manila, just 25 to 50 meter way from where I took this photo.

If this place is for street children, then they missed some, only about 25 to 50 meters from this building… hehehe

Note, I would guess 1 in 30-50 people who grab or use a photo ask permission first, normal is to just take, this is a good sign. Then again there is no high dpi photo on the site, they have to request.

If a person asked me for money for old people living in the streets, I would be much more inclined to give. The bottom line, the only organization that can truly help street children in a country, is the government of the country. Every time you give to an organization for street children, unless is a lobby to get the country with Street Children Government to do something, then we just enable by love to keep the country from doing their job.

On the other hand, I am thinking about sleeping outside, it is hot in this room, people sleep outside when it very hot, not as simple as just looking and seeing children, then making radical assumptions. I would go find a place on the sidewalk, out of the rain.

I have been thinking, I think I should go and knock on every NGO-ONG office I can find and see if there is anybody there at say, 11:00 am in the morning on a Tuesday.

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Street Children Photo Request

The Regular Bums and Newbies

The Regular Bums and Newbies
There are the new beggars, bums in the neighborhood, there are the tramps, and there are the Hobos. There are hundreds of reasons to fall asleep on the sidewalk. I think the big one is, the person is sleepy.

Khao San Road
Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Thursday, November 15, 2007
Andy of ---

Thai people like to joke, they were painting the wall in front of the Wat near Khao San Road across from the Police Station the other day, and so why not have some fun…

I think they all to color code them, so a person can remember…
- Hmm did I stop and look at this one, or maybe, did I give to this one on the last time around or was it another one. -

I solved the problem; I do not give at the office.

I do not recognize these two, they seem to be new on the Khao San Sleeping Team. The one with the paint around him is worrisome; he was sleeping too hard, and too dazed. The time of the painted one was about 3:00 in the afternoon, and I saw the same one earlier on the other side of street. You would think he was glued down, and maybe he was…

The Regular Bums and Newbies

Philippines Street Children

Philippines Street Children
I took these photos of street children just as something to do while on an early morning walk in December of 2005.
Street Children

I am going to take some more soon while I am in Manila…

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Friday, November 30, 2007
Andy of ---

I do not think about Street Children much; more or less view them as I pass them, however, there are a few thougts that intrigue me.

Why do people who work with Street Children need photos? I would think they already should have them.

Is there a real obstacle to finding these types of photos?

Amazingly, in Manila the last couple of days, I have seen a couple of babies lying on the sidewalks, and worst situations than I photographed before. I am going to take many photos and probably some videos. This is an extremely easy type of photos to take in the early morning because they are sleeping and so is the rest of the city.
It will be interesting to see how the photos are if I am trying.

Philippines Street Children

Video of Hyatt Hotel Philippines Street Children

Video of Hyatt Hotel Philippines Street Children
6:02 am, the sun is creeping into the street valleys of Manila, and it is prime time to photograph street children. The city is waking up, rubbing its eyes, rolling around on the concrete and grumpy.
Welcome to Manila, Philippines.
Philippines - Southeast Asia
Monday, December 18, 2007
Andy of ---

Welcome to the Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila
1588 Pedro Gil Corner MH Del Pilar, Malate
Manila, Philippines
Tel: +63 2 245 1234
Fax: +63 2 247 1234
Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila

I truly believe Street Children are one of the best tourist attractions of the Philippines. It is not everyday you can walk out your multiple star Hotel and instantly smell piss, then see some of the best sleaze on the planet. The Hyatt is one block from maybe one of the most famous freelance girl bars on the planet, the L.A. Café, another great reason to come to Manila.

What a blurry photo, I was ready to hit the delete button, when I thought, no this is about the feeling I get. I try to blur my eyes and not look when I see these never-ending and endless reruns scenes in the streets of the Philippines. Probably what a person sees as he or she walks out of the Hyatt Casino in the morning… (The lighting is bad, the sun is rising.)

I was not raised to take notice of this, my manners tell me, it is not polite to look and stare at people less fortunate than me, I am suppose to allow them to have pride, dignity and treat them as fellow humans. Therefore best to blur my eyes and pretend I did not see this, and for sure, I know it is not good manners to photograph.

These photos and video were photographed immediately in front of Hyatt Hotel in Manila, Philippines.

25.2 MGS wmv (Follow-Mom)
Click here to see what 20 Pesos can buy, I purchased the permission to annoy, photograph and video street children for 50 Cents U.S. Keep your eyes peeled, the little boy has 20 peso in his hard. Not everyday you can see mothers kick at their kids either.
Hyatt Street Children Manila

I am angry, pissed off, and become predatory when I think about these photos, I want to go hunt down and kill NGOs and Orphanages who would pay to purchase this type of video from me, I know they will write, this video is a whopper, great marketing fodder for the take you money and do nothing groups of the planet.

This video is just too damn easy to take, any day of any week in the Philippines I can take photos and videos like this. It is 100 percent obvious to me, any Philippines Orphanage that needs these photos are con men, they are making money at the expense of these people, they for sure do not need to buy photos from me, these photos run rampant in the Philippines.

Note to Philippines Orphanages:
- Walk out the F#3King door and turn on your camera if you have an orphanage in the Philippines! -

This little one is really sleepy, tears, and crud on her eyes, I am not sure where Papa went, are you ok? (I will publish videos soon of her)

I do not live in the Hyatt; I live in some no-name, over-priced hotel closer to Robinsons Mall. Then again, like Mumbai, all hotels in Manila are double or triple their true tourist value; they are extremely expensive on a global value system. Not much bang for the buck, hehehe.

I never made it more than about 200 meters from my hotel, and on the way back, I was laughing as I passed this photo waiting to be taken. I would say, this is two banger girls just off work, sleeping and waiting for something. The real beauties probably got to sleep in the Hyatt, or Pan Pacific or some five star hotel, these two banger girls get to sleep this way. This is why sunrise is a great time to take photos; sleeping people do not complain, want money and just are not up to sleaze speed.

Street Cleaning people and me are great friends; this woman has been watching me the whole time. I do my job, she does hers. I said hello to her on the way towards the Hyatt, she says something like Hello Sir, how are you sir, this sir crap makes me feel old. On the way back, my ping ping realized this is a bath tub, she is using a bathtub to hold the garbage. I wonder if this is up to Philippines quality?

I need to hurry, at about 7:00 AM the sleaze is turned up to full volume and out will come the coin sales group with that drug that helps men to go to the Hyatt after their visit to the banger bars. I keep asking do Filipino men need this? More Filipinos go to banger bars than tourist, tourism is a very small percentage of the banger business, locals is always a higher percentage, but a lower pay scale.

All jokes and sarcastic remarks aside, this is not my World Vision, this is not what I want life to be. Poverty is real, and business is real, who is responsible, well poor people are responsible for poor people first, it is their responsibility to grab the 20 pesos, or maybe delegated to the little boy. Second this problem is the responsibility of the Hyatt.

I tied this video to the Hyatt Hotel, I think an American owned hotel, and the same video can be made with the Pan Pacific or some Filipino Hotel as the backdrop. I have a number 7 video to mix that I took in front of the Starbucks and the Malate Pensione on Adriatico.

I question their business and I do not trust any business, which does not feel responsible for the neighborhood. A good neighbor would do more to clean up the neighborhood. The street here are mess, right in front of the Hyatt is a mess, look the other way, the residents of the Hyatt just go in and say, this-is-not-my-problem. However, I do it, it is amazing to me that a Philippines hotel would not at least clean up, fix the concrete, and repair the world so their residents could not see open shit so easy. Yes, I do see myself as my brothers keeper; I do see that I should make my neighborhood a nice place to live. I do not need to go and evict the street children; I do need to make sure the sidewalks are safe and clean.

The Starbuck video soon to be published, will show a huge pile of trash, and a baby being drag around. I guess I am a purist, I said to myself; I want to take photos of Street Children. The Starbucks one in front of the Malate Pension I took a week or two ago could be Trash Babies, and not street children. I was not there early enough in the morning to see if they were sleeping there, I more or less came upon a group, baby in tow, who was working through a pile a trash in front of the Starbucks. So as a purist, not technically street children, however maybe a trash baby.

I was in a taxi in Makati the other day, looked out my window, and in a small very beautiful park, I spied a man standing by the trees. Ping Ping and the double look, ah shit, the man is pissing. The Philippines is full of primitive people, who more or less cut line, piss where they piss, and come to the big city to piss. It is not possible to stop poverty, the Filipino people take down their pants too much, and make babies so fast, no government on the planet could stop this. In some ways, I see making backpacks in the Philippines, or call centers, other ways of creating jobs as a long-term solution.

Of course, always fun to walk over to the United States Embassy and see all the American Men who are making application to import to the USA some banger girl they met in a banger bar, and another way to play games with the gene pool and a short-term solution to poverty.

I will do my best to put up the Starbuck Street Children and I have a small one of the small girl I that is in the Photo above. Mixing and making the videos takes time, and I do not make money doing this, at least not more than about 10 cents per hour, I do make a little, but not enough to recoup the 20 pesos fast as I spend it.

I am picking on the US business ventures, because the USA does lead the planet in social change. I know this type of embarrassing videos is not good for their business, and better to sacrifice a USA business as an example. Plus I feel shame for my country, when a USA business does not do a better job of being a good neighbor, I take it personal. I expect the Starbucks and the Hyatt to lead in the cleanup and solutions to neighborhood problems.

Why, because they are part American, that is what Americans do.

Video of Hyatt Hotel Philippines Street Children

Starbucks Trash Baby Manila Philippines Street Children

Starbucks Trash Baby Manila Philippines Street Children
Philippines street children, and or family, there is baby is being carried and diapered, cared for by a small child in front of the , , and in the Malate area of Manila, Philippines.
Philippines - Southeast Asia
Monday, December, 2007
Andy of ---

34 MEGS wmv (Follow-Mom)
Starbucks Trash Baby Manila Philippines Street Children

Video of Hyatt Hotel Philippines Street Children

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