One Dominant Female

One Dominant Female
Atakpame, Togo West Africa

I learn who Andy is, by observing my reflection in the reactions and behavior of the people I meet.

I often say,
- I am just a Dollar Sign. -

When I enter a room, the people in the room react in many ways, when I talk, they answer in many ways. Every action it reciprocated by a reaction.

I can see who I am; by the way, they interact with me.

Living in the same house, the same city, the same neighborhood, and going to the same job, one slowly decreases the number of new people that enter into their lives. Some people may never meet a new person and shake their hand, or say hello in a whole month.

Reverse this; my life is in many ways an ever-increasing number of new faces, friends, neutrals and enemies. I travel slow, and travel into the cultures of people, often you will read about trekking, mountains, breathtaking view, and blue seas. This is not people; this is nature and is beautiful.

Going to the mountain is good, live up on a mountain or alone in a room and you are either going to learn to love the person in the room or find a way to avoid, stay busy, drink, constant travel, movement, anything to not think.

In the still, in the stillness is where I am, I can only find me in the stillness and quiet of doing nothing.

I thought this was where I learn about me, I also now realize, who I am is reflected in every face, eyes, and reaction of each person I meet.

About 10 minutes ago, I had another African experience, and it is a vulnerable moment in time. There are these reactions, moments and situations that I have not been socialized in my culture to understand.

It is similar to Dian Fossy going and living with the Gorillas, a person has to take great care and learn the rules. A 400-pound Silverback, Dominant Male could be dangerous. However, I suspect what I would feel is dominated, controlled and watched.

About 15 minutes ago, I was standing around, making a cheese sandwich with these eight small pats from a round container of Vache Qui Rit Cheese. The women are in the courtyard, many today, there is three extra younger girls. There are three levels. The lower, temporary girls who are young and quiet. The two reception girls who do all the cooking or eating in the hotel. Then the Dominant Female, who more or less frowns down people and eats.

I was introducing myself, probably on hindsight, establishing my territory, and introducing the three new ones to me. I then try to get the one reception girl to focus.
- I want take a photo of …
- La Pate Belly -

Pate is a type of traditional food made of corn flour, and high in calories, a complete swim the English channel in a bowl meal, and eaten often, sort of the rice of Africa, that and Fufu.

I start to leave the Dominant Female area of domination, I am saying, I am going to go make my cheese sandwich.

This women is, as best I can tell, and I do not care, is the owner or the main manager of the hotel, she is bad Karma or Mojo to me, nothing about light being inside her soul, I feel the dark.

The Dominant Female, I do not know her name says,
- Give me a wedge of cheese. -

There are eight in the pack, and easy to say yes, I say,
- No -
Quick, fast, no thought, just a no.

The whole group starts jumping around, like the monolith in Arthur C Clarks Movie, 2001 A Space Odyssey. They are jumping, making noise, strange observation of people, and speaking a language, I rather understood.

Then, I walk out.

I walk back in the area, to again focus on the Pate issue, I want a photo of her big belly full of Pate and the future of her body. I can make a blog title - The Pate Belly -

The Second Dominant Female says, and this time in ENGLISH.
- The Mom wants a piece of cheese. -
I say,
- I know - both in English and in French, then I say,
- Pas -
In French and a No in English.

There was not a caesura, no delay, no thinking, go to jail, do not pass go. I am 100 percent clear on this; I do not give this women tokens, tributes and especially a Cadeau or Gift.

They all start jumping around again, I am sure if she did not like money I pay for rent, then you could say I was using a machete to cut the path to a quick departure. I try to say to the girls, I give to people that give to me, I help those who help me.

Dominant Female territory, strange how I just ignore it.

When I walked into my room to start typing this, I thought, this a very strange culture. I am supposed to give tribute and respect to a person that I do not respect. Then her little soldiers all try to induce me give her respect and tribute of cheese. I think, this is very different, there is top down hierarchy and the ones below respect the one above, even though the one above treats them like dogs. I see this every day, very strange, and very common in West Africa, the manager, the Gerer, the Police can talk in a way, that could in a way be closer to a caste system and tribes and religions have this.

I saw who I was by their reactions; it was a very clear view.

One Dominant Female

Savior Syndrome of Africa

Savior Syndrome of Africa
Badou, Africa West Africa
Friday, May 4, 2007

You did not come to save me.
No, I am just a tourist, I am just a friend, and we are equals.

LONG Awaited Messiah Syndrome

Palm Sunday (2)
- On Palm Sunday, Jesus and his disciples entered the city of Jerusalem, where people were gathering for the Jewish festival of Passover. As word of Jesus’ arrival spread through the city, it aroused great excitement because many believed he might be the long-awaited messiah. People welcomed him by spreading palm branches as a carpet before him. Palm Sunday commemorates the event. -

My African epiphany is, the people of Africa think I came here to save them. The epiphany for Africans is when they realize I did not come to save them.

Epiphany Defined:
sudden realization: a sudden intuitive leap of understanding, especially through an ordinary but striking occurrence
It came to him in an epiphany what his life's work was to be.

2. appearance of god: the supposed manifestation of a divine being

act of saving from harm: the saving of somebody or something from harm, destruction, difficulty, or failure
The business was clearly beyond salvation.

2. means of saving somebody or something: somebody or something that protects or delivers another from harm, destruction, difficulty, or failure
Those long walks were my salvation.

3. christianity deliverance from sin through Jesus Christ: in the Christian religion, deliverance from sin or the consequences of sin through Jesus Christ's death on the cross


Rescuer Defined:
rescuer: somebody who rescues somebody or something from harm or danger
Salvation from (2) Encarta Encyclopedia
- Salvation, the idea of being saved, as described in various religions. In Christianity, individuals are thought of as being saved from eternal punishment through Christ's death on the cross. In Buddhism, especially in Chinese and Japanese Buddhism, people can be saved from the endless cycle of reincarnation through bodhisattvas or through Amida Buddha. In Hinduism, especially in the bhakti tradition, devotion to a god can bring salvation from reincarnation and is open to those who have realized their true nature as brahman (spirit). -

I do not need saved and think the idea of saving a person seems, well, I am not sure of the word, it sounds sort of racist, like I have the power or superiority they do not. I have been lucky and have a more worldly education, but brains are brains for the most part.

I sort fell though the racism is a reverse here, they do think or believe a White Man can save them, and I am sure, some White Men, mainly women, think they can be the Messiah and bring Africa out of, this is too stupid. I keep realizing.
I think Africa may be the Garden of Eden…

I do a walk like a duck reasoning a lot, you know, if it walks like a duck, quack likes a duck, talks like a duck, it is a duck.

In the Garden of Eden, God would allow me to:

Not work
Pick Fruits and eat
Free from want
Talk with the Serpent
Wonder around naked from shame
I guess he allowed the first sin, so sin is included.

So the women, she tempted me, I ate, and he through us out, I am still very close.

Togo people and Benin for sure, to use the Duck reasoning.
- Do not work very much.
- Pick Fruits and do not weed them, food is abundant.
- Free from want - I only hear they want a cell phone and free money in the form of a gift.
- Wonder around naked free from shame, clothes are a fashion here, more than a need,
- Sin, not a lot here, but coveting is a problem, or something to do with love and the S word.

This place walk like the Duck of Eden and to me is Eden.

The proof here of Eden in Togo is the number of ugly street people, there is very few ugly street people, the number of out-cast is small, and this is not a society that takes care of the weak, the opposite. If this were bad, these people would be running around like in Lima, Peru or Belize City in swarms, not so, hard to find. Every easy to find a person that will jump up and take free money given to them for no work, but do the same in the USA, offer to give free money, and the same is true.

I think the whole world is waiting for happiness to arrive, continual happy moments.
Freedom from Want, now when I hear this noise, I know there is some child talking to me about fantasy and never never land. Want is the problem, want begets wants, and give a little, the want more. Look at the USA never stops, wants to consume, never ending consuming.

Africa is free from many wants, we are teaching them though, soon they will know, and want what we have, natural.

I would love to change the world if I could, if I only knew how. I think the world is made perfect, and imperfection is part of the world. It is fun in Africa to just enjoy the free time of life, I seem to have 10 times more time to enjoy my life, as I spend 10 times less in the consuming and buying, need, wants, hopes.

I never knew I was poor until someone told me.

Someone told them they needed saved, and someone was coming, what a dysfunctional reasoning process. Talk to any 12 step program and the first thing they say, we do not save you, you save yourself.

This is what happens when you allow a committee like the United Nations design a Duck, the take Eden and try to change it to Hell. I am here, and keep looking around, maybe I am in a bad place, I keep waiting for the hammer to drop, to have it unload, for the place to hurt me. I just have to stop looking, I am in the Garden of Eden, and that girl Eve is everywhere, and she has sisters.

Savior Syndrome of Africa

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